Anatomy of the Human Body


Lesson 21a: How to Draw Biceps

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The Coracobrachialis – Need to Know

Name: “Coraco” refers to its origin on the coracoid process, brachialis = of the arm
Origin: The coracoid process of the scapula
Insertion: Halfway down on the inside surface of the humerus
Function: Flexes and adducts the arm at the shoulder joint
Antagonist: Posterior deltoid, triceps brachii (long head), latissimus dorsi, and teres major
Forms: A small cylindrical form, but only visible when armpit is exposed

The Brachialis – Need to Know

Name: Brachii = arm, so it’s the muscle “of the arm”
Origin: The lower half of the humerus, starting right where the deltoid and coracobrachialis end
Insertion: The coronoid process of the ulna
Function: Flexes the elbow joint
Antagonist: Triceps brachii
Forms: The brachialis is higher on the outside and lower on the inside. It’s form is usually larger and more visible on the outside of the arm. When flexed, it appears as an oval-shaped relief.

The Biceps Brachii – Need to Know

Name: Biceps = two headed
Origin: Long head originates on the supraglenoid tubercle of the scapula. Short head originates on the tip of the coracoid process.
Insertion: Radial tuberosity. The bicipital aponeurosis attaches to the skin above the forearm flexors.
Function: Flexes the elbow joint and supinates the forearm. Long head also assists with shoulder stability.
Antagonist: Triceps brachii, pronator teres
Forms: Cylindrical or boxy form. Upper half appears as two cylinders which merge to become one at the bottom half. When the elbow is flexed, biceps becomes spherical.

Assignment: Draw the Biceps

Your assignment is to do quicksketch drawings of the upper arm from the model photos I’ve provided in the description below. Start with the gesture then focus on drawing the forms of the muscles. Since we already learned about the deltoid, you can have some fun with those too.

Post your work in the Anatomy for Artists Facebook group.

upper arm front assignment

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3D Model: The Upper Arm Front


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Lesson 21b: Biceps Assignment Examples

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Lesson 21c: The Biceps – eBook

The Deltoids eBook

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Lesson 21d: Anatomy Critiques – The Biceps

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