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First Art Vlog in Quarantine

April 1, 20202 Comments

Dear Diary, it’s been 15 days since I’ve been isolated from the rest of society. My toilet paper reserves are running low and I’ve started eating my son’s crayons. I’m not sure why… Most of the crayons have tasted bad, but I have found blue to be my favorite flavor. Skelly also paid me a visit the other day and we had a wild game of Jenga. Also, I hate him. Will keep you updated as things drag on.

Living Skeleton Beats World Champion at Jenga

Rock Out with Your 🐔 Out

These Trees make Artists Happy

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  1. Enrique Cordero Blanco says:

    Really waiting for Marshall’s course to see the light! Would have been nice to get some clearer date 🙂

  2. Divya Malhotra says:

    You are both so adorable!

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