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Drawing Yoni – Figure Drawing Demo

February 18, 20146 Comments
Figure Drawing Demo
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In this 2.5 hour demo, I take you through my whole process of a figure drawing. I describe everything in detail and talk about my thought process as I progress through each stage of the drawing.

  1. Start with carefully measuring basic shapes to find the proportions and composition.
  2. From the basic shapes, construct the anatomical forms as we learned in the mannequinization lesson.
  3. Then prepare for shading by mapping in the shadows.
  4. Using charcoal powder and a brush, “paint” in the general tonal composition
  5. With a finely sharpened  charcoal pencil shade the tones and details of the figure and background.

Watch the Video

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  1. Manuel says:

    Hola,he de decir que estoy impresionado por lo didáctico de sus vídeos,enhorabuena. Mi pregunta es si los tienen en versión española,porque de ser así estaría interesado en ellos.

    Espero su repuesta si es posible.
    Gracias. Un saludo.

    Hello, I must say I am impressed at their instructional videos, congratulations. My question is if they have them in Spanish version, because if so would be interested in them.

  2. Craig Cagle says:

    Thank you so much Stan for your well planned and executed forms of teaching art! I have purchased one of the models poses for gesture practice. I love the methods of teaching you use and they have helped me tremendously. I believe art is merely a combination of passion and understanding expressed through medium. KEEP EM COMING!

  3. Etroe Versace says:

    I have a question about the upcoming anatomy series.
    Which kind of body builds are going to be included as examples in the anatomy vids? (Athletic, skinny, bodybuilder, powerlifter, etc.)


  4. Para isso que existe Curso Face Autoresponder.

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