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Drawing Demo by Glenn Vilppu

September 19, 201322 Comments

I hope you enjoyed the conversation with Glenn Vilppu I posted a few days ago. Glenn was also nice enough to do a demonstration for
us showing how he draws the figure from his imagination using 3 different media. Thank you Glenn Vilppu for the fantastic

Glenn’s website –

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  1. SuzieQ says:

    This is a beautiful, graceful way to draw. I love the way Glenn Vilppu flows out the subject’s movement and how he conveys volume. Thank you for this tutorial! Thank you Proko!

  2. Eileen says:

    Thank you for this wonderful gift. A gem.

  3. Kyle Webster says:

    Wonderful! Thank you, Stan and Glenn!

  4. John F Willis says:

    I’ll be buying Mr Vilpuu’s courses…would recommend everyone buy his courses (as well as Stan’s) after seeing that. Thank you Stan!! Will be attending my first life drawing class in a couple weeks. This little video, (Which was a tid-bit of solid gold (Wrapped in platinum, for those who know what was just handed to them), will prove to be absolutely invaluable. Which of his courses would you recommend that have more of what we just saw in the above figure drawing video?
    Thanks again, Stan.
    John F Willis

    • Ron Kempke says:

      If Stan will permit me to post this info, here’s a link to Glenn Vilppu’s figure drawing DVD series to answer your question:

      The entire drawing manual series is available for purchase or, if you scroll down the page, you’ll see that individual topics are available separately.

      I’ve purchased Glenn’s and Stan’s figure drawing series and I think they each contain some of the best figure drawing instruction that is currently available.

      Thanks, Stan.

  5. Sally says:

    Pure Magic!! (explained….)

  6. Chris Pescatore says:

    Amazing video demonstration by Mr Vilppu. Thank you Stan for bringing it to us. There was so much valuable information in that short video it needs to be watched over and over again. And then again….

  7. chris says:

    I so wanted to like this video. I’ve always respected Mr. Vilppu’s work and I have a book of his that is least 15 years old now. But this is not a good video.
    The trouble with “winging it” is that the thought process is non-sequential, disconnected, and lacking in concreteness of idea. The figure, drawn without a model, is mushy, undefined and lacking in precision. Very few of us carry enough information in our heads to not retreat into personal banalities, and I’m afraid that that is what is occurring here. It’s all well and good to have a process (which in this case feels formulaic) it’s another thing to have that process serve as a foundation for something deeper and more expressive and acute.
    Compare these drawings to those of Henry Yan. There’s a good reason to have a model in front of you.
    I think Mr. Vilppu’s method might well serve a storyboard artist, a comic book artist, or an animation concept artist. But this methodology will probably send a young fine artist down a very narrow and unrewarding path.
    I’m sorry to sound so negative, but I was very disappointed.

    • Ron says:

      Mr. Vilppu is hardly “winging it” as you put it. I dare say your understanding of the figure would pale by comparison with his. Please take his process as a way of getting the essence of the “story” as Mr. Vilppu so eloquently stated. Without the story, specific details would be a mere academic exercise without a reason for being drawn. If you misunderstood the point of his demonstration, it was all about structuring a drawing to communicate the story. Only specific details that support the story are drawn. Some are even modified to better emphasize the story. Mr. Vilppu’s intention is not to reproduce a photographic likeness of a figure but to suggest much more.

      • chris says:

        My suggestion that Mr. Vilppu was “winging it” was based on his presentation of ideas, not his drawing technique. It was the lack of structural organization to the demonstration that bothered me. In teaching, sequence is everything. Proko is a good example of this. His demos are tightly constructed, build on a theme, and have a prescribed outcome.
        As for Mr. Vilppu’s understanding of the figure, I have few doubts about his knowledge but my critique was very pointed. His drawings do have a lovely grace to them, in a very generic sense. That’s why I suggested a comparison to Henry Yan.It has nothing to do with photographic likeness.Structural drawing is a means to an end, not an end in itself.
        I would return your speculation and dare say you are probably not a very experienced figure drawer and are wowed by the ease of Mr. Vilppu’s efforts. You need to spend some time looking at more figurative work. Mr. Vilppu is no doubt an excellent teacher, but he is hardly unique in his gifts. If you want to see some magisterial figure work, check out Sherrie McGraw.
        Thanks for the comment.

        • Ron Kempke says:

          Thank you for clarifying your intention. As I understand it, your expectations of Glenn Vilppu’s demonstration may have been too high. In that regard, Stan has spoiled us. Vilppu’s demonstration was a brief summary of his process and not intended to be instruction. If you’re looking for structured, gradated lessons that complement Vilppu’s drawing manual, they’re available for purchase on his website.

          With that said, thank you, Stan, for offering your exceptional lessons free of charge, but I prefer purchasing your premium content for added clarity.

    • Ron Kempke says:

      While your point is well taken, I think Mr. Vilppu offers a process, formulaic though it may be, that helps us communicate a drawing’s intended message. Drawing from a model is generally recommended for many reasons but all too often the focus shifts to individual details without the presence of an underlying, unifying framework. When that happens, the drawing losses meaning because it lacks gesture or story.

      In this regard, Mr. Vilppu does us a great service by offering a method that helps us avoid this pitfall. His process even helps us clarify which details will reinforce the story so that we may emphasize those and subordinate others that would detract from it.

  8. Thank you Mr. Vilppu and Stan. This was great!

  9. Toni says:

    Glenn Vilppu is a master at drawing the figure and at teaching figure drawing to all manner of artists, animator and fine artist alike. I was lucky enough to study with Mr. Villpu while in college as an illustration student and his instruction continues to live in my work. I have yet to find a better teacher but I believe in life long learning which is what led me to this site.

  10. Eric Vasquez says:

    I thought that this was a good video because it’s teaching you to approach your drawings in a different way. Glenn isn’t necessarily going for a fully rendered photorealistic look because it would probably take more time to develop. Instead he shows us the steps that he takes to work up his figures, starting with the gesture. I think that there is a multitude of ways you can draw, there is no one magical path that will make you an amazing artist. The only path you can take to get there is one of patience, practice and persistence.

  11. Arijit says:

    This is really wonderful to see Glenn’s way of gesture drawing. I really enjoyed watching the way he defines those different volumes and shadows. Thanks Proko for this great video!!

  12. tom banks says:

    Thanks again Stan and Glen . Great video.

  13. Gary says:

    Wow. Thank you so much Proko for giving us this opportunity to see a master at work.

  14. Cyndi says:

    Thank very much Proko for making video of a great artist. I’ve learned a lot. I plan on watching this video over and over again until my figure drawings flow like the great teacher. My goal is become an artist. My medium is pencil, pen and charcoal. I really love to draw.
    Thank again Proko making this lesson video available.

  15. Kenn McDonald says:

    I was fortunate enough to sit in on several life drawing sessions with Glenn back in the 1990s. There is no one better at explaining and inspiring. His classes were always amazing. Thank you for posting this.

  16. jrbarker says:

    So great. Vilppu is always a treasure trove of insight and information. Thanks for this.

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