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DIY Art School Part 2 (Structure) – Draftsmen S2E04

May 5, 20203 Comments

When you go to art school, they provide you with projects, assignments, deadlines, and a schedule. They provide you with structure. In this episode we talk about how to create structure for yourself when you’re learning from home. Marshall gives his perspective from being a classroom teacher and how it can be applied to online education, while Stan explains how you can’t rely on discipline when forming new habits. Based on psychology, there are more effective ways to form new habits as you’re trying to set up your own structure. Stan also shares how he created projects for himself that got him excited to learn the technical skills.

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Referenced Artists/Works:

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The Animator’s Survival Kit


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Stan’s guy on heroin

RadioRunner’s Reddit cirriculum

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  1. Loved it guys! I need to keep myself disciplined and stay away from those damned video games. Do you know the specific episode of hidden brain Stan referenced about having to make a difficult decision everyday?

    • Kaitlin Jensma says:

      The episode is called “Creatures Of Habit: How Habits Shape Who We Are — And Who We Become” 🙂

  2. Miri says:

    Love your podcast! Many thanks for the DIY Art School, especially for the references!! Can’t thank you enough!
    BTW, the link to Hidden Brain is dead 🙁

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