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DIY Art School Part 1 (Knowledge) – Draftsmen S2E03

April 28, 20200 Comments

**Here’s the original thumbnail of this episode that was too much for YouTube*

This is the first of several episodes dedicated to recreating art school from home. Marshall and Stan talk about what makes a good teacher that you’d want to learn from online, how looking at art school curriculum can help structure your education, figuring out a roadmap for studying smart, reengineering career goals and building a community. The first pillar of many that you’ll need for your DIY art education.

Call and Ask Your Art Questions: 1-858-609-9453

Referenced Artists/Works:

Norton Simon Museum

Getty Museum

R.L. Stine Masterclass

Novel Writing – Monty Python

Tex Avery

William Adolphe Bouguereau

Ray Bradbury

John Singer Sargent

Spike Lee

Werner Herzog

Martin Scorsese

Drew Casper

John Sweeney

Steve Huston

Jorge Benedito

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Malcom Gladwell – Tipping Point

Drew Struzan

Craig Mullins

Great Courses – Political Theory

Great Courses – Masterpieces of the Imaginative Mind: Literatures most fantastic works

Great Courses – The old Testament

Great Courses – Understanding Literature and Life

Great Courses – The Life and Writings of C.S. Lewis

Great Courses – Shakespeare, The Word and the Action

Great Courses – The Lives and Works of the English Romantic Poets

Great Courses – Heroes and Legends

Great Courses – Utopian and Dystopian Literature

Great Courses – How Great Science Fiction Works

Great Courses- Life Lessons From the Great Myths

Great Courses – the Psychology of Performance

Marshall’s Whiteboard Lecture

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