Collaborative vs individual effort in the art world
I've heard that there are generally two paths as an artist, to be a small part of something great or be a big part of something small. This is comparing a single animator for a film to an artist who makes his own illustrations. Although I love how personal the art of the individual is, I can't help but look at the glamour and masterpieces made by collaborative effort. But as someone who is a visionary, I am not very fond of working for someone else's dream. But if I work as an individual, there are heights that I simply cannot reach. To create some things with high execution, collaborative effort is needed. But in collaborative efforts, my control of what I want to make is limited. I feel like whatever choice I make, I will need to sacrifice things and not be satisfied. Well, not if I direct a film with hundreds of people working for me, but that's not gonna happen. This is just a rant, tell me if you have any thoughts.
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