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You’re Using Reference Wrong (Here’s How to Fix It!)

February 18, 20210 Comments

In this follow up lesson from Christian Bull, we jump back into exploring the idea of the Reference Sandwich. Christian shows us his process while creating a digital sculpture of the female figure, although these are lessons that can be applied to any medium. You’ll learn what kind of details you should be pulling from your reference, and when to throw that reference away and let your imagination carry the design. Christian talks about what kind of mistakes are easier to avoid when not bogged down by reference, and when it is appropriate to bring reference back or find new reference. He also talks about balancing multiple references without losing the essence of the piece.

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Sculpt of the Living Dead – Step by Step with Andrew Joseph Keith

October 22, 20200 Comments

Learn how to construct your own zombie sculpture in this tutorial by Andrew Joseph Keith. He’ll walk you through what supplies you’ll need for your zombie, how to create the armature, constructing the basic forms and then adding the details to the finished piece.

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Actually Carving Shapes with Scott Flanders

October 25, 20190 Comments

Scott Flanders continues his Swamp Thing series with a pulp impressionism sculpture using Aves Apoxie Sculpt. He gives you a bunch of tips and tricks on approaching it and avoiding disaster. Scott does a really thorough demo about building an amateur to support the characters and setup the pose before applying the clay. See why a butter knife is his favorite tool.

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Boosting Your Art Skills with Sculpture – Zoe Dufour Interview

June 21, 20190 Comments

New York sculptor Zoe Dufour talks about her artistic journey, how figure-sculpting improved her drawing, the differences and similarities between the two mediums, and more. If you enjoyed this interview and seeing Zoe’s sculptures be sure to check out her new Masterpiece Demo. My team and I spent 4 days capturing her process from start to finish on prepping, sculpting, and creating a cast of her finished piece.

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How to Sculpt a Dragon (Game of Thrones)

April 4, 20192 Comments

The Dragon is back! In this video, sculptor Andrew Keith shows us step by step how he sculpts a game of thrones dragon from start to finish. His process includes the supplies he uses, tips on filling an armature, and advice on texturing clay.

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Sculpting a Dragon from Game of Thrones

March 21, 20191 Comment

Game of Thrones has its last season coming out soon and I wanted to celebrate it with a tribute to the show. So, I flew in a sculptor (Andrew Keith) to do a demo of one of the dragons.

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This is One of the Best Art Schools I’ve Seen

February 28, 20192 Comments

Zoe Dufour gave me a studio tour when I was in New York recording her upcoming video lessons. We get to see a typical day at the Grand Central Atelier, meet some students and instructors, and see some of Zoe’s best work.

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New Masterpiece Sculpting Demo!

January 10, 20190 Comments

Zoe Dufour is a master sculptor with incredible skill for modeling form. In this Masterpiece Demo you’ll get to visit her studio and watch as she creates a longer sculpture from scratch.

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Speed Sculpting – What you NEED to Know

December 21, 20180 Comments

Zoe Dufour is a sculptor with incredible skill for depicting form. In this lesson you’ll watch her speed sculpt a portrait from life while she explains her process.

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