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How to Draw Dynamic Shapes – FORCE Series Part 3

April 16, 20200 Comments

Mike Mattesi demonstrates how to draw dynamic shapes that create rhythm and appeal. He also gives us a little sketch tour of his old work that shows how he used dynamic shapes to capture FORCE.

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Woah! Kid Drawings REIMAGINED by Artists (#Prokochallenge)

April 10, 20200 Comments

The March #Prokochallenge was to redraw kids’ art. The idea was to take the endless creativity of a child and combine it with the skills of an adult artist. There were over a thousand submissions and I want to thank everyone who participated in the challenge! In this video I’ll react to the submissions and choose the winners, including WTF Award, Comedy, Best Interpretation, Proko Team Choice and many honorable mentions.

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First Art Vlog in Quarantine

April 1, 20202 Comments

Dear Diary, it’s been 15 days since I’ve been isolated from the rest of society. My toilet paper reserves are running low and I’ve started eating my son’s crayons. I’m not sure why… Most of the crayons have tasted bad, but I have found blue to be my favorite flavor. Skelly also paid me a visit the other day and we had a wild game of Jenga. Also, I hate him. Will keep you updated as things drag on.

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Drawing Girls and Teaching Art for a Living – Miss Jisu Interview

March 12, 20200 Comments

This is an inspirational interview with Miss Jisu about her art journey, her drawing style, what it’s like to have Kim Jung Gi as your mentor, and favorite subjects to draw. If you haven’t seen Miss Jisu’s demos or sketchbook tour check out the links to both of them

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Brush Pen Techniques + Sketchbook Tour with Miss Jisu

February 27, 20200 Comments

Miss Jisu is back! In this video she shows us her sketchbook of stylized cute girl sketches. In the second half of the video she demos a two-tone color sketch and shares some techniques for using brush pens.

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Head Quicksketch with Brush Pens – Miss Jisu Demo

February 21, 20200 Comments

Miss Jisu and the SuperAni crew visited the Proko studio, to record some demos and sketchbook tours! In this video, Miss Jisu sketches a couple portraits using brush pens. You’ll get to watch her manipulate ink while explaining her thought process.

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Learn Realistic Portrait Drawing – Stephen Bauman

February 6, 20200 Comments

Stephen Bauman is an award-winning figure artist with an incredibly realistic rendering style. In this Masterpiece Demo, you get to watch as a professional artist creates a masterpiece graphite pencil drawing from scratch. Working from a live model, Stephen blocks in the basic shapes, establishes the shadow and light, organizes the halftones and works up the underlying structure and planes of the head. This demo and lesson is a must-have for those wanting to get their drawings to a realistic finish and to see the entire process and workflow of a professional draftsman.

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Kim Jung Gi Sketchbook Tour 2 – You Know You’re Going to Watch it

January 23, 20200 Comments

More Kim Jung Gi! I got behind the scenes access to film a sketchbook tour during a workshop in LA! He took out his latest 2 sketchbooks from his backpack to show us what he’s been working on while telling stories behind the drawings. This video is infused with some of Kim’s “naughty energy” so keep that in mind if you have sensitive eyeballs.

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Drawing Characters from Multiple Angles – Peter Han Demo Part 2

December 20, 20190 Comments

Peter Han continues his Lightbox Demo with a second drawing! He talks about what it takes to grow as an artist, avoiding burnout, constructing volumes, and the importance of staying positive. If you missed his first demo or his answers during the asking pros series go check that out.

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Training Yourself to Draw From Imagination – Peter Han

December 19, 20191 Comment

Peter Han is an incredible artist, instructor and the author behind the well known art book “Dynamic Bible”. He joined us at the Proko booth during this year’s Lightbox Expo to record a few demos. In part 1 he talks about training to draw from imagination while drawing a dwarf and hog. He’ll take you through the thought process behind constructing a fantasy character while explaining line work and adding shadows with ink.

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