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This is One of the Best Art Schools I’ve Seen

February 28, 20191 Comment

Zoe Dufour gave me a studio tour when I was in New York recording her upcoming video lessons. We get to see a typical day at the Grand Central Atelier, meet some students and instructors, and see some of Zoe’s best work.

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Top 7 Digital Painting Mistakes

February 14, 20190 Comments

All you kids are trying to get into digital painting nowadays. Make sure you avoid these 7 digital painting mistakes.

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Kim Jung Gi Sketchbook Tour – Exploring the Creative Mind of a Master

February 1, 20191 Comment

During my private interview with Kim Jung Gi I got a chance to film him going through his 2018 sketchbook. He told us some behind the scenes secrets, insights into his process, and a bunch of jokes that I think you all will enjoy.

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HUGE Channel Announcement – 2019

January 17, 20191 Comment

Here’s my first channel announcement for 2019! Some big changes are on the way!

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Speed Sculpting – What you NEED to Know

December 21, 20180 Comments

Zoe Dufour is a sculptor with incredible skill for depicting form. In this lesson you’ll watch her speed sculpt a portrait from life while she explains her process.

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Improve Your Sketching Speed – 5 Minute Concept Design

December 17, 20180 Comments

Creature concept artist Anthony Jones (aka RobotPencil) shows you his process for quickly drawing digital creature concepts and explains the importance of improving your sketching speed. This is another useful exercise where the small details don’t matter as much as the big picture.

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Sketching with Ink from Imagination

December 12, 20180 Comments

Our favorite voice, Marshall Vandruff drops us another cheerfully narrated drawing video! Watch him draw horses from imagination using 3 different types of ink – Roller Ball, Sharpie, and Manga G Nib. This video will loosen you up and make you go wild and free with your sketches.

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Kim Jung Gi – How to Become a Master

December 10, 20180 Comments

Kim Jung Gi is famous for his large brush pen drawings from his imagination. I had special access to record a live demonstration and a private interview with the man himself. In this video I’ll explore why Kim Jung Gi is so damn good.

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New Quicksketch Series

December 7, 20180 Comments

I hear those sleigh bells ringing and that means… The 12 Days of Proko is here! Get a preview of what’s to come –

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Holy Crap! I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This…

September 13, 201815 Comments

New announcement on my youtube channel…

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