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An Artist’s Productive Workspace – Stephen Bauman Studio Tour

July 2, 20200 Comments

Stephen Bauman shows you his personal art dojo. Find out how Stephen sets up his studio to draw, paint, and film content. Learn about some of the artwork that hangs on the walls and get advice on composition, lighting and more.

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Artists TRANSFORM Objects into Creatures with James Gurney! (#Prokochallenge)

June 25, 20200 Comments

It’s time to announce the winners of the May Prokochallenge! Artists had to transform common objects into creatures. James Gurney, creator of Dinotopia, picks the winners based on originality, consistency of vision, well-thought-out implied story, and convincing execution in terms of design, color, lighting, dynamics, and perspective.

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Practical Art Advice from an Oil Painter – Cornelia Hernes Interview

June 19, 20200 Comments

Cornelia Hernes let me pick her brain after filming her Masterpiece Demo. I ask about her opinion on the importance of studying realism, staying inspired and finding inspiration, and her influences.

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Painting with Strong Composition – Studio Tour with Cornelia Hernes

May 21, 20200 Comments

Cornelia Hernes is an amazing painter and when I was in New York filming her Masterpiece Demo she gave me a tour of her art studio. She gives an in-depth tour of her work while talking about composition, color, materials, and symbology and meaning in paintings.

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Instagram Artists ILLUSTRATE Book Scenes (#Prokochallenge)

May 14, 20201 Comment

It’s time to announce the winners of the April Prokochallenge! Artists were tasked with picking a book passage to illustrate in their own style. The participants were judged by concept artist Vance Kovacs and winners were picked based on the passage choice, successful depiction of the text and execution. This video is narrated by Marshall Vandruff with his magnificent radio voice!

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Character Design Workflow – Concepting for 3D Games and Movies

May 7, 20200 Comments

The first video of a really exciting collaboration between Proko and Pixologic, the makers of zBrush! We’re going to be simulating a workflow as a character designer creates concepts and passes those to a 3d sculptor to convert to a workable 3D asset. This is a real world example of how these artists work together to create assets for video games, film, toys, and collectibles.

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Composition and Drawing Techniques – Stephen Bauman Sketch Tour Part 2

April 23, 20200 Comments

We continue Stephen Bauman’s Sketch Tour, this time focusing on figure drawing techniques, line quality, composition, observation, shading and style! How multiple artists can influence different aspects of your drawing style, and what an artist can learn from looking back at old sketches.

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How to Draw Dynamic Shapes – FORCE Series Part 3

April 16, 20200 Comments

Mike Mattesi demonstrates how to draw dynamic shapes that create rhythm and appeal. He also gives us a little sketch tour of his old work that shows how he used dynamic shapes to capture FORCE.

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Woah! Kid Drawings REIMAGINED by Artists (#Prokochallenge)

April 10, 20200 Comments

The March #Prokochallenge was to redraw kids’ art. The idea was to take the endless creativity of a child and combine it with the skills of an adult artist. There were over a thousand submissions and I want to thank everyone who participated in the challenge! In this video I’ll react to the submissions and choose the winners, including WTF Award, Comedy, Best Interpretation, Proko Team Choice and many honorable mentions.

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First Art Vlog in Quarantine

April 1, 20202 Comments

Dear Diary, it’s been 15 days since I’ve been isolated from the rest of society. My toilet paper reserves are running low and I’ve started eating my son’s crayons. I’m not sure why… Most of the crayons have tasted bad, but I have found blue to be my favorite flavor. Skelly also paid me a visit the other day and we had a wild game of Jenga. Also, I hate him. Will keep you updated as things drag on.

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