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Getting Your First Art Job – Asking Pros

November 7, 20190 Comments

It’s one thing to have art be your hobby, but it’s another to make it a full-time gig. These 20 artists who work in the entertainment industry reveal how they jump started their careers. Hopefully you can use these inspiring stories as a way to carve your own path.

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Rag Painting with Scott Flanders

October 31, 20190 Comments

Our Swamp Thing series comes to an end with an oil painting! Scott takes you on an exploratory art journey, trying to figure out his marks on the spot as he discovers the murky creature using a brush and sock. You’ll hear his struggles and see the painting go through many iterations as he narrates his thought process behind the painting.

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Digital Shape Carving with Scott Flanders

October 17, 20193 Comments

Scott Flanders, an artist from Riot Games, came to the Proko studio to film a series on how he develops ideas. In this first part of the series he creates digital graphic poster of Swamp Thing! He’ll take you through his process starting with simple greyscale silhouettes in photoshop and then carving them into a more complex colored piece. In the remainder of this series, he’ll develop his concepts further with a sculpture and oil painting.

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Best Advice for New Artists – Asking Pros

September 26, 20190 Comments

Are you a new artist? Do you want some advice? I asked a bunch of seasoned pros at Comic Con to give advice to artists starting out and they had A LOT of good answers.

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Tips on Breaking into the Art Industry – Asking Pros

August 22, 20190 Comments

Learn what tips and strategies pros recommend using for breaking into the art industry. You’ll also hear some of their personal backstories sharing how they were able to jumpstart their art careers.

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What’s the Hardest Thing about Being a Pro? – Asking Pros

August 15, 20190 Comments

I ask artists at Comic Con what the hardest part of being a professional is. We’ve got 6 more episodes of asking pros coming soon so be sure to subscribe and hit that bell notification to stay in the loop!

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Struggling with Motivation as an Artist – Asking Pros

August 8, 20190 Comments

Asking Pros is back with Season 2! In this episode, I went to Comic Con to ask 20 professional artists if they ever struggle with motivation, and if so, how they deal with it. I have 7 more episodes coming, so stay tuned 🙂

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Learning Gesture with Tim Gula – Part 3

August 2, 20190 Comments

Learn how to draw Reilly method style gesture with Tim Gula! You’ll see several longer examples of him drawing from a live model while he explains his process step by step. Make sure to check out Tim’s other life drawing videos if you haven’t seen them yet!

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How to Use YOUR Pencil for Dynamic Life Drawing – Tim Gula Part 2

July 11, 20190 Comments

Tim Gula shows you how he sharpens his charcoal pencil and shows you how he uses it with some more figure quicksketch drawings from a live model. He also tells an inspiring story about his time learning under the master artist, Fred Fixler. This is part 2 of 3 life drawing videos with Tim Gula sketching the figure.

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Gesture Quicksketch with Live Model – Tim Gula Part 1

June 28, 20190 Comments

Tim Gula draws several 2 minute gestures from a live model and explains how he uses the Reilly Method to capture the gesture of each pose. This is part 1 of 3 life drawing videos with Tim Gula sketching the figure.

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