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The Reference Sandwich – A Better Way to Use Reference Photos

December 14, 20200 Comments

Learn how to get the most from your references with the help of pro artist Christian Bull. He shows you a new way of thinking that strikes a balance between working from observation and working from memory that will improve your art. You’ll start by taking a reference, throwing it out, then creating from your imagination, and then bringing the reference back. This ‘reference sandwich’ method can be a powerful tool for improving your creativity. See how it’s applied and learn more about it in this creature design demo.

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Photoshop Painting Tips for Digital Artists – Esben Rasmussen

December 13, 20200 Comments

This is the 2nd part of Esben’s Leyendecker tutorial. In part 1 you got to see him sketch out the concept of the character in Leyendecker’s style. In this lesson he takes Jett and refines the sketch further before completing the piece by painting it. As you watch you’ll get insights into Esben’s thought process on painting along with style tips and photoshop tricks that artists can use to replicate a more traditional look.

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Analyzing and Copying an Art Style with Esben Rasmussen

December 12, 20200 Comments

Learn one method for how to analyze and apply another artist’s style to your own work. Esben Rasmussen teaches you the thought process of how he samples the style of JC Leyendecker and then shows you how to redraw a video game character in that style. This is a 2 part series with part 1 focusing on quick sketching a pose and in part 2 he’ll show you how to finish the piece by painting in that style.

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The Man who Inspired Disney – Heinrich Kley ORIGINAL Sketchbook Tour

December 8, 20200 Comments

Get an inside look at an original sketchbook penned by Heinrich Kley. If you haven’t heard of him, Heinrich Kley is a legendary draftsman and one of the major artists that inspired Walt Disney’s early animations. In this exclusive sketchbook tour, Marshall, Stuart Ng, and I flip through the pages to rediscover the work of this master. A HUGE thanks to Stuart Ng for letting us have access to this rare book!

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How Pros use 3D to Speed up Painting (And How You Can Too)

December 7, 20200 Comments

Jose Vega is a lead supervisor for Castlevania on Netflix. He’s joined us in this video to teach you about how he uses 3D to speed up making background paintings! If you want a job in the animation industry, learning these techniques will greatly speed up your process so you can knock out more paintings in less time for the project you’re working on.

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12 Days of Lessons from Pro Artists

December 5, 20200 Comments

Our annual 12 Days of Proko event is back! Starting December 7th, we’ll be celebrating the holidays with some incredible artists and topics. Guests include Jose Vega, David Finch, Jeff Watts, Dorian Iten, Christian Bull, Esben Rasmussen, Rembert Montald, Marco Bucci, Steven Zapata, and Bobby Chiu.

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The Biggest Proko Event of the Year!

November 12, 20200 Comments

Skelly found the best deal for artists this holiday season! Right now you can save 20% on any premium course, demo, model pack or package deal in the Proko store when you use code BLACK20. Save some money and learn how to draw this holiday season. Sale ends Nov 30th 11:59 PM PDT

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Zombify the Proko Team! – Erik Gist #prokochallenge

October 30, 20200 Comments

The October Proko Challenge was to infect the Proko Team and turn them into zombies! Pro artist and instructor at Watts Erik Gist, critiques your horrific renderings of the crew. Erik based his winning choices on anatomical accuracy, design, creativity, and style.

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500 Figure Drawings Judged by Jeff Watts – #Prokochallenge

October 1, 20200 Comments

The results for the September Figure Proko Challenge are in! Instructor and founder of Watts Atelier of the Arts, Jeff Watts, is here to critique your drawings. Jeff went through all the entries and picked the winners based on anatomical accuracy, design, creativity, and style.

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Mind-Blowing Realistic Shading Tricks

September 17, 20203 Comments

Dorian Iten is a great artist and a master of shading light and form! In this video, he’ll reveal errors artists make when learning how to shade. You’ll learn important shading concepts like the angle of incidence, lambert’s law, the issues with a linear value scale, and the difference between clean lights and dirty lights. At the end he’ll tie all of these concepts together with a brief shading demo and a drawing challenge. Enjoy!

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