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You’re Using Reference Wrong (Here’s How to Fix It!)

February 18, 20210 Comments

In this follow up lesson from Christian Bull, we jump back into exploring the idea of the Reference Sandwich. Christian shows us his process while creating a digital sculpture of the female figure, although these are lessons that can be applied to any medium. You’ll learn what kind of details you should be pulling from your reference, and when to throw that reference away and let your imagination carry the design. Christian talks about what kind of mistakes are easier to avoid when not bogged down by reference, and when it is appropriate to bring reference back or find new reference. He also talks about balancing multiple references without losing the essence of the piece.

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Character Concepting Process – Loose Sketch to Final Painting

February 11, 20210 Comments

Game artist Dave Greco brings you into the world of character design and teaches you the basics. Starting from a blank canvas, he sketches a character from scratch and refines it while giving you tips and advice about the direction you can take your characters. You’ll also get more insight into the tools and techniques digital artists use that speed up the process.

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Level Up Your Character Design with Knight Zhang

January 21, 20210 Comments

Knight Zhang presents an introduction to character costume design. In this lesson you’ll learn what your character’s clothing conveys about their backstory, how different design elements contribute to your character’s overall design and personality, and the steps Knight goes through when designing a character from scratch with tips on how you can apply her process to your work!

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Painting Skin Tones and How Light Affects Color – Marco Bucci

December 17, 20200 Comments

Marco Bucci follows up his digital painting demo by painting the planes of his head with color. You’ll learn about fleshtone values, how light and shadow can affect color, and how to apply this to your portrait painting.

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Fix Your Shading Mistakes – Egg Challenge Critiques

December 16, 20201 Comment

Dorian Iten is back to review all the egg drawings artists submitted for his shading challenge. After reviewing the eggs Dorian noticed that many of the artists were making a few common shading mistakes. In this critique, you’ll get to hear his feedback on those drawings, get clarification on some of the lesson content he provided in his previous video, get multiple demonstrations on how he would fix some of these common shading mistakes, and provide you with additional resources on how to continue to learn shading.

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The Reference Sandwich – A Better Way to Use Reference Photos

December 14, 20200 Comments

Learn how to get the most from your references with the help of pro artist Christian Bull. He shows you a new way of thinking that strikes a balance between working from observation and working from memory that will improve your art. You’ll start by taking a reference, throwing it out, then creating from your imagination, and then bringing the reference back. This ‘reference sandwich’ method can be a powerful tool for improving your creativity. See how it’s applied and learn more about it in this creature design demo.

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This Jungle Book Scene is Genius – Shot by Shot Storyboard Breakdown

December 11, 20200 Comments

In this mini-lesson storyboard artist Rembert Montald shows you some hidden tips that directors and storyboarders use to help guide the eye through sequences. Whether it is with gesture lines or moving the eye effortlessly through shots and sound there are many ways to help the audience move through the story. To demonstrate this, Rembert will break down an animated sequence from the 1967 classic The Jungle Book.

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How to Cross Hatch for Comics – David Finch

December 9, 20202 Comments

Pro comic artist David Finch introduces you to cross hatching! In this lesson, we’ve got some beginner tips on how to practice drawing lines for cross hatching, how cross hatching shows form and in what stage of the drawing you’d want to begin cross hatching. He’ll also do a quick demonstration of cross hatching with The Flash!

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Digital Painting Basics – Simple Forms to Complex Paintings

November 5, 20204 Comments

Tayler Olivas is here to give you a digital painting tutorial that’s geared towards beginners! He shows you how to set up your workspace, the digital tools that he relies on, shortcuts for accessing them, how to practice non-destructive editing, using texture brushes to get a unique look in your digital painting, and how to combine those elements into a finished painting. By the end of this lesson you’ll have a solid understanding of how to use digital tools to turn simple forms into complex paintings.

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Mind-Blowing Realistic Shading Tricks

September 17, 20203 Comments

Dorian Iten is a great artist and a master of shading light and form! In this video, he’ll reveal errors artists make when learning how to shade. You’ll learn important shading concepts like the angle of incidence, lambert’s law, the issues with a linear value scale, and the difference between clean lights and dirty lights. At the end he’ll tie all of these concepts together with a brief shading demo and a drawing challenge. Enjoy!

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