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Mind-Blowing Realistic Shading Tricks

September 17, 20201 Comment

Dorian Iten is a great artist and a master of shading light and form! In this video, he’ll reveal errors artists make when learning how to shade. You’ll learn important shading concepts like the angle of incidence, lambert’s law, the issues with a linear value scale, and the difference between clean lights and dirty lights. At the end he’ll tie all of these concepts together with a brief shading demo and a drawing challenge. Enjoy!

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Will This New Pencil Make You a Better Artist?

April 1, 20191 Comment

Kim Jung Gi and several other artists have been recommending this pencil to me. I finally tried it. But will it make you a better artist?

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Intuitive Portrait Sketching with the Loomis Method – Part 3

December 15, 20182 Comments

The Loomis Head that I’ve taught so far shows you all the guidelines to draw heads proportionally. It’s incredibly helpful, but you don’t have to follow it line by line once you get good at drawing the average head. This video will show you how I approach drawing heads and mapping out the facial features in a more intuitive way.

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Draw ANY Head Type with the Loomis Method – Part 2

December 14, 20181 Comment

What happens when the head of the subject you’re drawing doesn’t fit the average proportions? Don’t worry, in this video I’m going to teach you how to adjust the Loomis Head to draw ANY head type!

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Quickly Draw Heads with the Loomis Method – Part 1

December 13, 20183 Comments

It’s been 6 years since I released my first youtube video on drawing loomis heads and now I think it’s time for a little recap and to give you some new info on it. In this video, I’ll do a few quicksketch studies of the average loomis head from different angles.

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Top 5 Drawing Mistakes

September 7, 20188 Comments

Here’s the top 5 drawing mistakes and how to fix them! After you watch it, let me know which mistakes you’re currently struggling with in the comments.

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Top 5 Shading Mistakes

July 19, 20186 Comments

There are common mistakes beginner artists make when it comes to shading a drawing. After years and years of critiquing student artwork, I decided I wanted to help you out by compiling a list of the 5 worst offenders. These are fundamental issues that if you correct, will make you way better at shading (and drawing in general).

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How to Shade a Drawing

January 30, 201437 Comments

In order to effectively shade form, you first need to understand the form you’re shading. In the structure video I talked about the basic building blocks of form – spheres, cylinders and boxes. Organic forms found in nature, like humans, animals and trees could and should be constructed from these simple forms to capture the character of the subject.

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Drawing Supplies I Use for Longer Drawings

January 22, 201458 Comments

In my last supplies video I went over supplies I use in my videos. Now let’s go over the ones I use for longer drawings intended to be hung at a gallery or someone’s home.

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How to Hold and Control Your Pencil

January 14, 201466 Comments

Being able to successfully manipulate your pencil is an important part of line drawing and shading. You’ll learn about the “Tripod Grip”, “Overhand Grip”, using your wrist vs. your shoulder, and how to use various parts of the pencil to control line weight.

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