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Creating a Knock-out Gesture Drawing with guest referee Mike Mattesi

March 26, 20210 Comments

Mike Mattesi is the creator of the FORCE drawing theory, and is no stranger to drawing dynamic body poses. That makes him the perfect judge for this month’s Proko Challenge, the Duel to the Death. Artists were tasked to Illustrate an action packed, one-on-one battle with two characters going head to head. Mike critiques and picks his top 3 submissions based on clear posing, dynamic gestures and the relationship of the characters to one another during their battle to present a clear story.

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You’re Using Reference Wrong (Here’s How to Fix It!)

February 18, 20210 Comments

In this follow up lesson from Christian Bull, we jump back into exploring the idea of the Reference Sandwich. Christian shows us his process while creating a digital sculpture of the female figure, although these are lessons that can be applied to any medium. You’ll learn what kind of details you should be pulling from your reference, and when to throw that reference away and let your imagination carry the design. Christian talks about what kind of mistakes are easier to avoid when not bogged down by reference, and when it is appropriate to bring reference back or find new reference. He also talks about balancing multiple references without losing the essence of the piece.

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How to Draw Dynamic Shapes – FORCE Series Part 3

April 16, 20200 Comments

Mike Mattesi demonstrates how to draw dynamic shapes that create rhythm and appeal. He also gives us a little sketch tour of his old work that shows how he used dynamic shapes to capture FORCE.

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Drawing Gestural Forms – FORCE Series Part 2

April 9, 20200 Comments

Learn how to use the FORCE sculpting line to define forms and volume in the figure. After learning about fluidity and rhythm in part 1, part 2 builds on top of it by focusing entirely on methods to show form. This is part 2 of 3 of Mike Mattesi’s FORCE series.

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Two Art Nerds Talk About Anatomy – Stephen Bauman Sketch Tour Part 1

March 26, 20200 Comments

When I visited Stephen Bauman’s studio, he pulled out a pile of drawings and gave me a little tour of his work. In Part 1 of his Sketch Tour, Stephen and I nerd out about drawing anatomy. Enjoy!

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Improving Line Quality and Rhythm – FORCE Series Part 1

March 19, 20201 Comment

This is part 1 of 3 of figure artist Mike Mattesi’s FORCE series. Mike teaches you the basics of FORCE and how to create more rhythm and fluidity in your drawings with beautiful line. Don’t miss the other 2 parts coming soon!

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How to Use YOUR Pencil for Dynamic Life Drawing – Tim Gula Part 2

July 11, 20190 Comments

Tim Gula shows you how he sharpens his charcoal pencil and shows you how he uses it with some more figure quicksketch drawings from a live model. He also tells an inspiring story about his time learning under the master artist, Fred Fixler. This is part 2 of 3 life drawing videos with Tim Gula sketching the figure.

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Gesture Quicksketch with Live Model – Tim Gula Part 1

June 28, 20190 Comments

Tim Gula draws several 2 minute gestures from a live model and explains how he uses the Reilly Method to capture the gesture of each pose. This is part 1 of 3 life drawing videos with Tim Gula sketching the figure.

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Draw Using Reilly Rhythms

December 20, 20180 Comments

Tim Gula is one of the closest disciples of Frank Reilly alive today. I met up with Tim to watch him do some quicksketch using the Reilly Method.

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Drawing Dynamic Figures – The FORCE Method

December 19, 20181 Comment

Pro artists Michael Mattesi and Diego Lucia teach you how to make your figures more dynamic. The author behind the Force Books is the guy to help you un-stiff your stiff poses.

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