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Critiques / Q&A

Creating a Knock-out Gesture Drawing with guest referee Mike Mattesi

March 26, 20210 Comments

Mike Mattesi is the creator of the FORCE drawing theory, and is no stranger to drawing dynamic body poses. That makes him the perfect judge for this month’s Proko Challenge, the Duel to the Death. Artists were tasked to Illustrate an action packed, one-on-one battle with two characters going head to head. Mike critiques and picks his top 3 submissions based on clear posing, dynamic gestures and the relationship of the characters to one another during their battle to present a clear story.

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Probing for Creativity with Ahmed Aldoori and Steven Zapata

February 26, 20210 Comments

Aliens have finally made it to Earth and these artists have illustrated the First Contact! This month’s Proko Challenge was to depict the moment when humans encounter another intelligent species. Join pro-artists Ahmed Aldoori & Steven Zapata as they observe and critique your submissions. They chose their top 3 winners based on creativity, draftsmanship, storytelling, as well as humble respect for the overwhelming scope of the cosmic community.

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Tips for Pet Portraits with Aaron Blaise

January 28, 20214 Comments

Aaron Blaise sits down to judge artwork submitted for the January #prokochallenge! The task was to produce a pet portrait or portraits using any medium at your disposal. The submissions would be assessed on accurate anatomy, creativity, draftsmanship, and emotional impact. Now you’ll get to hear Aaron’s feedback, find out who the winners are and view a bunch of the contest entries!

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50 Creature Designs That Will Melt Your Heart (Literally)

December 18, 20201 Comment

Bobby Chiu judges the art for November’s #prokochallenge! The prompt was to design a character based on “Cute but deadly”. Any medium, traditional and digital, 2D and 3D were allowed. Now you’ll get to see some of the work that was submitted and hear Bobby’s critiques!

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Fix Your Shading Mistakes – Egg Challenge Critiques

December 16, 20201 Comment

Dorian Iten is back to review all the egg drawings artists submitted for his shading challenge. After reviewing the eggs Dorian noticed that many of the artists were making a few common shading mistakes. In this critique, you’ll get to hear his feedback on those drawings, get clarification on some of the lesson content he provided in his previous video, get multiple demonstrations on how he would fix some of these common shading mistakes, and provide you with additional resources on how to continue to learn shading.

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3 Epic Sketchbook Tours with Jeff Watts

December 10, 20200 Comments

Jeff Watts cracks open several of his sketchbooks to give us an inside look at his work. Each book is filled to the brim with sketches, stories, and Jeff’s advice on how he approaches sketchbooking. So come check it out with us as Jeff shows us all his academic anatomy, figure, animal life drawing, painting, and illustration sketches!

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Zombify the Proko Team! – Erik Gist #prokochallenge

October 30, 20200 Comments

The October Proko Challenge was to infect the Proko Team and turn them into zombies! Pro artist and instructor at Watts Erik Gist, critiques your horrific renderings of the crew. Erik based his winning choices on anatomical accuracy, design, creativity, and style.

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From Graffiti to Fine Artist – Stephen Bauman Interview

August 6, 20200 Comments

Did you know Stephen Bauman used to be a graffiti artist? In this interview he talks about how he transitioned to fine art, his time studying at the prestigious Florence Academy, the differences between how Florence Academy teaches students vs a traditional university, and what he had to learn after going beyond the sight size method.

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How to be Popular – Karl Kopinski Interview

July 16, 20200 Comments

An interview with the man, the myth, the legend himself Karl Kopinski! This cheeky brit answers questions about how he became so freakin’ popular, how many sexy vampires and angels he’s drawn, what artists he admires and studies from, career mistakes, and the life of being a parent and an artist. There’s a lot to learn from Kopinski so grab a cup of tea and enjoy the wild ride.

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Practical Art Advice from an Oil Painter – Cornelia Hernes Interview

June 19, 20200 Comments

Cornelia Hernes let me pick her brain after filming her Masterpiece Demo. I ask about her opinion on the importance of studying realism, staying inspired and finding inspiration, and her influences.

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