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Rhett and Link – Opposition Sketching

October 12, 20172 Comments

In this week’s lesson we’ll use youtubers Rhett and Link as subjects for my opposition sketch. If you don’t remember the previous lesson, we used a pair of people’s opposing features to figure out how to best caricature each of them. It’s an exercise that will really help you when it comes to caricaturing an average face.

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How to Caricature Difficult Faces with Opposition Sketching

September 28, 20170 Comments

A common problem artists run into when caricaturing a person is exaggerating them without losing their likeness. This becomes even harder when the person they’re caricaturing fits the “average head” diagram. In this lesson you’ll learn how to overcome this artistic roadblock develop your caricature sketches using two subjects.

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Why you Should Learn Color and Structure – Checklist Critiques

September 21, 20170 Comments

This student critique builds upon the previous lesson on using checklists to caricature a subject. For this lesson, the critique is broken up into two parts. The first goes over the dangers of sampling colors from photos to replicate a subject. The second goes over the abstraction process and fixing some of the structural errors of a caricature using a checklist.

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Sketching Taylor Swift – Caricature of a Caricature

September 14, 20170 Comments

In the previous lesson you learned an effective technique for pushing your exaggeration skills to make a caricature of a previous caricature drawing. And then to caricature THAT caricature! In this lesson you’ll continue to learn how to push your exaggerations and get useful tips on the process.

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Donald Trump, Benedict Cumberbatch, Bill Nye

Caricature of a Caricature Premium Examples

September 2, 20170 Comments

Get the premium course to see example videos of Caricature of a Caricature featuring Billy Joel, Donald Trump, Benedict Cumberbatch, Taylor Swift, Bill Nye, and Reese Witherspoon.

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Caricature of a Caricature

September 1, 20170 Comments

Time for some EXTREME EXAGGERATIONS! This exercise will help improve your caricatures while still maintaining a likeness.

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Drawing Proko Students – Live Memory Sketch Challenge

August 18, 20170 Comments

Today we’re drawing you guys! In this live sketch session, we’ll try to draw a few Proko students from memory.

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Memory Sketching Challenge – Getting Better Exaggerations

August 4, 20170 Comments

Drawing from memory. It sounds pretty hard, like something only a few naturally gifted artists could do, right? Actually, drawing from memory is something every artist does already. Technically you can only draw from memory. Challenge your memory by observing the reference for only 30, 15, and 3 seconds. Put the reference away and draw!

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Drawing YouTubers – Casey Neistat Caricature Sketch

July 27, 20170 Comments

This lesson builds upon what Court taught you in the previous lesson on creating checklists to brainstorm the features you might exaggerate in a subject. Now he’ll use YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat as another example to show how you would caricature using lists.

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Solving the Exaggeration with a Checklist

July 13, 20170 Comments

In this lesson Court teaches you funny ways to preserve and amplify likeness. It’s usually one of the biggest problems that beginner caricaturists face.

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