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Digital Sketching Premium Examples

January 19, 20180 Comments

Sign up for premium and get caricature lessons for Kim Jong Un, Kareena Kapoor, John C. Reilly, Prince, Stan Lee, Shah Rukh Khan, and Daniel Radcliffe

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Digital Painting Glorious Leader Kim Jong Un

January 18, 20181 Comment

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un had Court commission his bedroom portrait. See the entire process in the latest digital painting lesson

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Painting Elf with Photoshop – Leyendecker Style

December 14, 20171 Comment

How to use photoshop to paint Will Ferrell in the style of J C Leyendecker!

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Digital Painting in Photoshop – Tools, Techniques, and Tips

December 7, 20170 Comments

For this lesson, we’re going to dive a little into digital painting using photoshop as a way to create a rough caricature “sketch”. I’ll go over things like brush presets, software recommendations (if you’re not using photoshop) and hardware recommendations.

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Making Extreme Artistic Choices – Caricature Critiques

November 30, 20170 Comments

When it comes to drawing caricatures, knowing how to push your exaggerations to the extreme can really help you with design choices in your piece. In this critique, we’ll use a student’s caricature of Elijah Wood to talk about the importance of pushing your third caricature sketch to the limits.

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Clint Eastwood Oil Painting

Clint Eastwood Oil Painting

November 22, 20175 Comments

In this video, Court demonstrates his oil painting process with a caricature of Clint Eastwood. He explains each stage of his process and offers a bunch of tips for painting in general, so if you’re new to oil painting, this could be a good intro video for you.

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Spirit Animal Premium Examples

November 17, 20170 Comments

In our premium course, you’ll get 6 videos of Court using spirit animals to push his exaggerations for Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Snoop Dogg, WC Fields, Tilda Swinton, PT Barnum.

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Drawing Snoop Dogg using his Spirit Animal

November 16, 20171 Comment

Grab your sketchbook and some gin and juice because today we’re showing you how to draw Snoop Dogg. In this example we’ll recap how to draw a caricature using a subject’s spirit animal.

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Finding and Using a Spirit Animal to Draw the Face

October 20, 20170 Comments

This exercise will teach you how to exaggerate a person’s face and body using common animals and objects. These are things that usually have an uncanny resemblance to your subject and are meant for people that already make good caricature subjects. For this example, we’ll use a Galapagos tortoise to caricature senator Mitch McConnell. Get the extended lesson and more examples in the premium course.

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Ben Affleck, Alec Baldwin, Mila Kunis, Rhett, Link Caricature

Opposition Sketch Premium Examples

October 13, 20170 Comments

In our premium course, you’ll get opposition sketches with Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck, Clemence Poesy, Scarlett Johansson, Rhett and Link, Jack Ma, and Mila Kunis.

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