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Drawing WITHOUT Imagination – When You Can’t Visualize ANYTHING

March 18, 20210 Comments

Professional concept artist, illustrator, and the creator of Irshad Karim (AKA Uncomfortable) explains the phenomenon of aphantasia and his personal experiences with it. Irshad gives us a step by step walkthrough of the creative process he uses when drawing from imagination when you can’t visualize anything.

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Probing for Creativity with Ahmed Aldoori and Steven Zapata

February 26, 20210 Comments

Aliens have finally made it to Earth and these artists have illustrated the First Contact! This month’s Proko Challenge was to depict the moment when humans encounter another intelligent species. Join pro-artists Ahmed Aldoori & Steven Zapata as they observe and critique your submissions. They chose their top 3 winners based on creativity, draftsmanship, storytelling, as well as humble respect for the overwhelming scope of the cosmic community.

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Tips for Pet Portraits with Aaron Blaise

January 28, 20214 Comments

Aaron Blaise sits down to judge artwork submitted for the January #prokochallenge! The task was to produce a pet portrait or portraits using any medium at your disposal. The submissions would be assessed on accurate anatomy, creativity, draftsmanship, and emotional impact. Now you’ll get to hear Aaron’s feedback, find out who the winners are and view a bunch of the contest entries!

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50 Creature Designs That Will Melt Your Heart (Literally)

December 18, 20201 Comment

Bobby Chiu judges the art for November’s #prokochallenge! The prompt was to design a character based on “Cute but deadly”. Any medium, traditional and digital, 2D and 3D were allowed. Now you’ll get to see some of the work that was submitted and hear Bobby’s critiques!

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Drawing and Shading Complex Forms from Imagination – Steven Zapata

December 15, 20200 Comments

Illustrator and concept designer Steven Zapata gives a demonstration on how he draws in graphite from imagination! Using a harpy from “Dante’s Inferno” as his subject, he’ll walk you through his process from the materials he uses to adding intricate and detailed textures. Throughout the demo you’ll also get to see how he establishes the initial gesture and transitions from sketching to rendering to creating unique forms.

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This Jungle Book Scene is Genius – Shot by Shot Storyboard Breakdown

December 11, 20200 Comments

In this mini-lesson storyboard artist Rembert Montald shows you some hidden tips that directors and storyboarders use to help guide the eye through sequences. Whether it is with gesture lines or moving the eye effortlessly through shots and sound there are many ways to help the audience move through the story. To demonstrate this, Rembert will break down an animated sequence from the 1967 classic The Jungle Book.

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The Man who Inspired Disney – Heinrich Kley ORIGINAL Sketchbook Tour

December 8, 20200 Comments

Get an inside look at an original sketchbook penned by Heinrich Kley. If you haven’t heard of him, Heinrich Kley is a legendary draftsman and one of the major artists that inspired Walt Disney’s early animations. In this exclusive sketchbook tour, Marshall, Stuart Ng, and I flip through the pages to rediscover the work of this master. A HUGE thanks to Stuart Ng for letting us have access to this rare book!

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Sketching in the Wild with Aaron Blaise

June 11, 20200 Comments

Aaron Blaise took me on a drawing adventure to sketch animals in the Florida marshes. After walking in circles we were able to spot the ever elusive alligators hiding in the water. I had a blast learning about the wildlife and hanging out with his crew.

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Animal Character Design with Davids Doodles

December 14, 20190 Comments

Davids Doodles drew some awesome demos for us at Lightbox Expo, and now they’re here for you to watch! David’s worked for Cartoon Network, Disney, Sony Pictures Animation, and a bunch more studios and he’ll be showing us how he draws animals from imagination. His designs are strong and his characters are cool, some come check out the video.

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Aaron Blaise Studio Tour

July 25, 20190 Comments

After Aaron Blaise finished his lion masterpiece demo he gave me a personal tour of his art studio! In this vlog you’ll get to see some more of Aaron’s work, his impressive collection of animal skulls, and the setup that he uses for all his digital drawings.

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