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How to Draw the Lower Leg – Anatomy for Artists

October 11, 20190 Comments

A lot of you already know about the “popular” leg muscles (hamstrings, quads, and calves), but what about the muscles on the front of the lower leg? I’ll teach you about these muscles (which are more complicated than the calves) and how to draw their forms in this lesson.

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Calves Premium Assignment Examples

September 20, 20190 Comments

Last time I showed you how to draw the Calves. For more detailed content, check out our premium course!

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Shading a Leg from Start to Finish – Calf Anatomy Drawing

September 20, 20191 Comment

Time to flex those leg muscles! I sit down at my draftsmen table and draw one of the assignment examples from the calves anatomy lesson. You’ll hear me narrate each process of the drawing, taking it from a loose gesture, to a refined and finished drawing. Confused? Want more examples? Lucky for you there’s 3 more narrated examples like this in the premium course!

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How to Draw the Calf

July 12, 20190 Comments

Today we’re learning to draw calves! Calf muscles. So, the calf has two muscles, but only one insertion tendon. Probably the most famous tendon of all tendons: the Achilles tendon. That’s all this. The Achilles tendon attaches gastrocnemius and soleus to the block of the heel. When the calf contracts, the Achilles tendon pulls up on the heel to straighten the ankle. So soleus and gastrocnemius point your toes… which means the strongest calves belong to the ballerinas. Maybe? I dunno…

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Hamstring Premium Assignment Examples

May 16, 20190 Comments

Last time I showed you how to draw the hamstrings. Check out these premium narrated examples for even more in depth hamstring content

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Boring Lines, Ugly Shapes, and Misplaced Anatomy – Quad Critiques

May 3, 20190 Comments

One of the main reasons we do anatomical studies is to test our understanding of the underlying muscles, tendons and bones. In this critique I’ll show you the difference between a boring line and a dynamic line, and fix some anatomical mistakes of one student’s leg drawings.

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Drawing Hamstrings Like a Pro

Drawing Hamstrings Like a Pro

April 23, 20190 Comments

Do your back leg muscles fall flat like a ham sandwich? In this follow-up to the Hamstring form lesson, we’ll explore an in depth observation of the anatomy of the Hamstring muscles, so you can draw them like a pro!

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Proko Anatomy Livestream – Drawing the Hamstrings

March 13, 20192 Comments

In this livestream I demonstrate how to find the hamstrings on a reference photo and I answer some anatomy related questions from the live chat.

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8 Minutes to Better Leg Drawings – Hamstring Muscles

March 7, 20190 Comments

The muscles on the back of the upper leg are the hamstrings! And ya, they do kinda look like hams with strings… Or pistons, or cables, eggs, chopsticks, ice tongs, or fangs! There’s so many metaphors you’ll just have to watch the lesson to get it. I’ll teach you about hamstring anatomy and more importantly how to draw them.

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Design vs Anatomy – Which One is More Important?

January 24, 20190 Comments

Which do you think is more important? Anatomical accuracy OR good design / dynamic gesture? For my thoughts watch the latest Quad Quicksketch Demo.

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