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Two Art Nerds Talk About Anatomy – Stephen Bauman Sketch Tour Part 1

March 26, 20200 Comments

When I visited Stephen Bauman’s studio, he pulled out a pile of drawings and gave me a little tour of his work. In Part 1 of his Sketch Tour, Stephen and I nerd out about drawing anatomy. Enjoy!

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How to Study Anatomy Correctly – Construct the Body

January 30, 20200 Comments

In this critique, I go through several student examples and talk about the importance of constructing the forms instead of copying from the photo. I’ll show you how to analyze the simple forms, understand the layers of structure, apply the hierarchy of primary, secondary, and tertiary forms and how to show 3 dimensionalities linearly and tonally.

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Lower Leg Premium Assignment examples

January 15, 20200 Comments

Last time I showed you how to draw the lower legs. Check them out in more detail!

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Drawing the Lower Leg like a Pro –

January 15, 20200 Comments

We got more detailed content for the lower leg muscles!

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Shading and Design Tips for Figure Drawing – Calf Critiques

January 9, 20202 Comments

I give my thoughts on a couple calf assignment drawings submitted to the Anatomy for Artists course. I’ll give you two tricks for shading and one for shape design of muscles vs tendons. The first is a way to simplify shading. An easy template to use as a starting point. My second tip has to do with looking at the shading subtleties that a couple pro artists use and incorporating that within your work.

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Sketching and Shading the Lower Leg – Anterolateral Assignment

December 18, 20190 Comments

Drawing one of the assignment examples from the lower leg anatomy lesson. I show the process of establishing gesture, identifying the anatomical forms, and refining and shading the drawing.

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Constructing Forms Not Tracing Shapes – Hamstring Critiques

November 21, 20190 Comments

While critiquing students’ hamstring assignments, I saw a lot of people tracing flat shapes onto the body instead of constructing the forms. This is a very common problem, but a big one! For this hamstrings critique, I take a look at an artist who submitted their tracing assignment from the facebook group. I give out tips on how to draw them to be more dynamic why you should rely less on your eyes and more on your knowledge to construct the forms.

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How to Draw the Lower Leg – Anatomy for Artists

October 11, 20190 Comments

A lot of you already know about the “popular” leg muscles (hamstrings, quads, and calves), but what about the muscles on the front of the lower leg? I’ll teach you about these muscles (which are more complicated than the calves) and how to draw their forms in this lesson.

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Calves Premium Assignment Examples

September 20, 20190 Comments

Last time I showed you how to draw the Calves. For more detailed content, check out our premium course!

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Shading a Leg from Start to Finish – Calf Anatomy Drawing

September 20, 20191 Comment

Time to flex those leg muscles! I sit down at my draftsmen table and draw one of the assignment examples from the calves anatomy lesson. You’ll hear me narrate each process of the drawing, taking it from a loose gesture, to a refined and finished drawing. Confused? Want more examples? Lucky for you there’s 3 more narrated examples like this in the premium course!

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