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Drawing Quads Like a Pro

Drawing Quads Like a Pro

January 15, 20190 Comments

Do your superhero sketches look like they skipped leg day? Never fear! A new Proko lesson is here! In this follow-up to the quads lesson, we dive even deeper and explore the quadriceps in more detail so you can draw them like a pro.

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How to Draw Legs – The Quad Muscles

December 1, 20183 Comments

You can’t draw powerlifters, thunder thighs, or the most super of superheroes without insane quadriceps! Join the Quad Squad and learn how to draw one of the beefiest muscles on the human body.

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3 Random-Ass Tips on Drawing Legs

November 8, 20180 Comments

These 3 tips will help you avoid some of the common mistakes I’m seeing from the leg assignments. So pull up a chair and let’s talk about shading and drawing your muscles like tattoos on the body.

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Butt Muscle Critiques

How to Draw Poses that are THICC – Butt Muscle Critiques

November 1, 20181 Comment

Prepare your butts for the cheekiest critique I’ve ever made. This week I’m looking at all the butts students drew for this assignment and evaluating them on a scale of 1 to THICC. Just kidding! I’m actually going to be helping you guys out by showing you some of the common problems students had with drawing the forms.

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Skull Oil Painting 💀 Still Life from Start to Finish

October 24, 20181 Comment

Pavel Sokov is an oil painter and instructor who focuses on commissioned portraiture and figurative fine art. For this year’s Halloween episode, I asked him if he could film and narrate his process for setting up and painting a still life. To make it extra spooky he chose to paint a skull by candlelight. Enjoy!

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Leg Quicksketch – Inner Leg Anatomy

September 20, 20180 Comments

Come sit down and join me as I draw a quicksketch example of the inner leg muscles! You’ll see me draw from reference as I discuss and dissect the anatomy.

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Adductors - Anatomy and Motion

Adductors – Anatomy and Motion

September 10, 20180 Comments

Now that we’ve learned the surface forms of the inner leg muscles, it’s time to delve deep and look at each individual muscle’s anatomy.

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How to Draw Legs – The Adductors

August 23, 20183 Comments

It’s time to learn about the inner leg muscles! Up to this point in this course and the figure drawing course, we’ve been drawing legs as simple cylinders. And that’s fine for starting our drawings. But in this lesson, you’ll be learning about how to draw the actual forms of the leg starting with the adductors and sartorius.

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How to Draw Butts From Extreme Angles

How to Draw Butts From Extreme Angles

August 3, 20180 Comments

We’ve saved the best butts for last: Get ready to draw butts from EXTREME ANGLES! Butt that’s not all. Want to learn how to draw a seated butt? Well, sit your butt down and watch this video!

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How to Draw Butts From Any Angle

July 27, 20180 Comments

In this lesson we’ll learn a method to effectively draw butts from any angle and in any pose. We’ll start by reviewing the Robo Bean to be able to construct the torso from basic forms and pose it however we want. Then we’ll add anatomical forms that we learned in the previous butt anatomy lesson.

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