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Understanding Bridgman Drawings with Jeff Watts

December 4, 20200 Comments

Bridgman figure drawings are simplified, but also incredibly complex, and trying to understand how he approaches anatomy can be frustrating for artists. My old teacher, Jeff Watts, recently authored a book where he breaks down Bridgman’s work in a way that’s accessible for students. In this video you’ll get a sneak preview of the book: Watts on Bridgman with some of Jeff’s Drawings and a demo of his techniques from the Bridgman book and course.

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3 Tips for Drawing Accurate Proportions – Foot Critique

October 15, 20201 Comment

It’s the last critique of the anatomy course! In this free critique, I look at a student’s foot assignment and teach you 3 tips for checking your drawing for accurate proportions. You’ll learn why you should draw plumb lines, how you can check your drawing for major angles and how to assess the size relationships of your shapes.

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Feet Premium Assignment examples

October 6, 20200 Comments

Last time I showed you how to draw feet. For even more foot content, the premium course has 3 narrated assignment example videos.

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Constructing and Shading the Foot – Anatomy Assignment

September 25, 20200 Comments

I take you through the entire process of drawing an anatomically correct foot. I start with a study of the simple forms which help me gauge the perspective of the foot. Then I establish the gesture, find the anatomical forms, refine and shade the drawing.

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Anatomy of the Foot

August 21, 20200 Comments

If you’re a Premium Member of the Anatomy Course – View the Lesson It’s time to dive deep into the anatomy of the foot. In this follow-up to How to Draw Feet, we’ll really examine the muscles of the foot so you can draw them like a pro! If you want more examples on how […]

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How to Draw Feet

July 23, 20203 Comments

Step right up! It’s time to learn how to draw a foot! In this last body part of the anatomy course you’ll learn how to construct the foot with basic forms, learn about nails, skin wrinkles, fat pads and their effect on the surface, and tips on how to draw dynamic feet.

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Two Art Nerds Talk About Anatomy – Stephen Bauman Sketch Tour Part 1

March 26, 20200 Comments

When I visited Stephen Bauman’s studio, he pulled out a pile of drawings and gave me a little tour of his work. In Part 1 of his Sketch Tour, Stephen and I nerd out about drawing anatomy. Enjoy!

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How to Study Anatomy Correctly – Construct the Body

January 30, 20200 Comments

In this critique, I go through several student examples and talk about the importance of constructing the forms instead of copying from the photo. I’ll show you how to analyze the simple forms, understand the layers of structure, apply the hierarchy of primary, secondary, and tertiary forms and how to show 3 dimensionalities linearly and tonally.

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Lower Leg Premium Assignment examples

January 15, 20200 Comments

Last time I showed you how to draw the lower legs. Check them out in more detail!

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Drawing the Lower Leg like a Pro –

January 15, 20200 Comments

We got more detailed content for the lower leg muscles!

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