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Artist, teacher, and web developer.

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How to Cross Hatch for Comics – David Finch

December 9, 20200 Comments

Pro comic artist David Finch introduces you to cross hatching! In this lesson, we’ve got some beginner tips on how to practice drawing lines for cross hatching, how cross hatching shows form and in what stage of the drawing you’d want to begin cross hatching. He’ll also do a quick demonstration of cross hatching with The Flash!

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The Art Introvert’s Guide to Networking with Kristian Nee – Draftsmen S2E34

December 8, 20200 Comments

Proko employee and artist Kristian Nee joins the podcast this week. He talks with Marshall about his secret to making friends with influential people, how his personal connections have opened up new opportunities for him and his friends, what road tripping has taught Kristian about humanity and why he asks crazy questions. On top of all the insight there’s also a few special guests that make it into the episode as well.

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The Man who Inspired Disney – Heinrich Kley ORIGINAL Sketchbook Tour

December 8, 20200 Comments

Get an inside look at an original sketchbook penned by Heinrich Kley. If you haven’t heard of him, Heinrich Kley is a legendary draftsman and one of the major artists that inspired Walt Disney’s early animations. In this exclusive sketchbook tour, Marshall, Stuart Ng, and I flip through the pages to rediscover the work of this master. A HUGE thanks to Stuart Ng for letting us have access to this rare book!

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How Pros use 3D to Speed up Painting (And How You Can Too)

December 7, 20200 Comments

Jose Vega is a lead supervisor for Castlevania on Netflix. He’s joined us in this video to teach you about how he uses 3D to speed up making background paintings! If you want a job in the animation industry, learning these techniques will greatly speed up your process so you can knock out more paintings in less time for the project you’re working on.

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12 Days of Lessons from Pro Artists

December 5, 20200 Comments

Our annual 12 Days of Proko event is back! Starting December 7th, we’ll be celebrating the holidays with some incredible artists and topics. Guests include Jose Vega, David Finch, Jeff Watts, Dorian Iten, Christian Bull, Esben Rasmussen, Rembert Montald, Marco Bucci, Steven Zapata, and Bobby Chiu.

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Understanding Bridgman Drawings with Jeff Watts

December 4, 20200 Comments

Bridgman figure drawings are simplified, but also incredibly complex, and trying to understand how he approaches anatomy can be frustrating for artists. My old teacher, Jeff Watts, recently authored a book where he breaks down Bridgman’s work in a way that’s accessible for students. In this video you’ll get a sneak preview of the book: Watts on Bridgman with some of Jeff’s Drawings and a demo of his techniques from the Bridgman book and course.

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From Rocket Scientist to Professional Artist (ft. Jama Jurabaev) – Draftsmen S2E33

December 1, 20200 Comments

Jama Jurabaev is one of Marshall’s former students and has overcome incredible and difficult circumstances to become the pro artist that he is today. He joins the podcast to tell his full story and hopefully inspire other artists that are working hard towards a career in the industry. Jama’s design work has influenced some of the biggest movie franchises in the past decade including Star Wars and Jurassic World.

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Making a Living with Fantasy Art (ft. April Solomon) – Draftsmen S2E32

November 24, 20200 Comments

Marshall sits down with professional fantasy artist April Solomon. The two discuss how April fell in love with drawing dragons and werewolves, the power of traditional art materials and the techniques she’s learned over the years, art festivals, what her art schedule looks like, and more.

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Portraiture Painting (ft. Joseph Todorovitch) – Draftsmen S2E31

November 17, 20200 Comments

While Stan is out on paternity leave, Marshall invites fine artist Joseph Todorovitch on the show. Joseph talks about what it’s like being a parent and a working artist during a lockdown, his portrait painting methods, and making the switch from animation to fine art in the early 90’s.

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The Biggest Proko Event of the Year!

November 12, 20200 Comments

Skelly found the best deal for artists this holiday season! Right now you can save 20% on any premium course, demo, model pack or package deal in the Proko store when you use code BLACK20. Save some money and learn how to draw this holiday season. Sale ends Nov 30th 11:59 PM PDT

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