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How to Draw Butts From Extreme Angles

How to Draw Butts From Extreme Angles

August 3, 20180 Comments

We’ve saved the best butts for last: Get ready to draw butts from EXTREME ANGLES! Butt that’s not all. Want to learn how to draw a seated butt? Well, sit your butt down and watch this video!

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What Holds Back Beginner Artists – Asking Pros

August 2, 20185 Comments

This year I decided to do something useful at Comic-Con. With so many pros crammed in one room, it was the perfect opportunity to do rapid fire interviews. In the first of this series I ask them what held them back when they were starting out. I’m sure everyone can related and learn from them.

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How to Draw Butts From Any Angle

July 27, 20180 Comments

In this lesson we’ll learn a method to effectively draw butts from any angle and in any pose. We’ll start by reviewing the Robo Bean to be able to construct the torso from basic forms and pose it however we want. Then we’ll add anatomical forms that we learned in the previous butt anatomy lesson.

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Top 5 Shading Mistakes

July 19, 20185 Comments

There are common mistakes beginner artists make when it comes to shading a drawing. After years and years of critiquing student artwork, I decided I wanted to help you out by compiling a list of the 5 worst offenders. These are fundamental issues that if you correct, will make you way better at shading (and drawing in general).

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Be a Well-Rounded Artist, Learning Anime, and More

July 13, 20181 Comment

I talk about cross-training to be a well-rounded artist, how the basics apply to any drawing style, and when (if ever) to call it quits!

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Inventing the Butt Muscles – Ass-ignment Demonstration

July 5, 20180 Comments

In this demonstration I’ll show you how to invent butt muscles on top of a skeleton and the things to think about to figure out how the muscles will deform to react to the pose.

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Making Your Art Look Finished ft. Steve Huston

June 28, 20180 Comments

Steve Huston talks about tapping into the truth of your subject, depicting it in a way that makes it look finished and worthy of hanging in a gallery.

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How to Draw BUTTS!!!

June 21, 20182 Comments

Learn about the anatomy of the glutes and some tips on drawing them. There are three major butt muscles you should know to draw good butts: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and tensor fasciae latae. Fat also plays an important role in the appearance on the surface.

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A Behind the Scenes Look at the Butt Lesson

June 14, 20180 Comments

I will admit, I’ve been looking forward to making this lesson. BUTT it’s not quite ready yet. Here’s a little teaser of what you can expect when I release it next week (June 21st).

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Why Your Proportions are Wrong and How to Fix Them

May 31, 20180 Comments

When you start a drawing, do you jump right in to drawing all the small parts? Knock it off!

If you’re not an advanced artist with a well trained eye, starting with details usually ends with wacky proportions. In this student critique, we’ll examine the work of two students who focused on drawing foot bones without following the big-to-small hierarchy. I’ll show you a 2D technique called “enveloping” and then a 3D process that helps keep your forms dynamic and in proportion. Woo!

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