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How to Use YOUR Pencil for Dynamic Life Drawing – Tim Gula Part 2

July 11, 20190 Comments

Tim Gula shows you how he sharpens his charcoal pencil and shows you how he uses it with some more figure quicksketch drawings from a live model. He also tells an inspiring story about his time learning under the master artist, Fred Fixler. This is part 2 of 3 life drawing videos with Tim Gula sketching the figure.

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Finding Time to Draw – Draftsmen S1E06

July 9, 20191 Comment

This episode starts with a bang! Marshall adds onto last week’s episode about choosing *older* art parents. Stan talks about hyper-analyzing our schedule to identify blocks of time that we want to use differently. It’s amazing how much time can be created by using our time more efficiently. We can draw more every day if we know how to make time for it. Marshall discusses external structures and deadlines to force us to finish things and identifying the non-negotiables in our schedules. How do we balance personal life and work?

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Adopting Art Parents to Develop Your Style – Draftsmen S1E05

July 1, 20190 Comments

Stan and Marshall talk about adopting good “art parents” – the artists that inspire you and who will influence your style and technique. A caller asks how to establish a daily drawing routine that he can stick with. Marshall likes to Netflix and Chill with a good Coen Brothers film.

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Gesture Quicksketch with Live Model – Tim Gula Part 1

June 28, 20190 Comments

Tim Gula draws several 2 minute gestures from a live model and explains how he uses the Reilly Method to capture the gesture of each pose. This is part 1 of 3 life drawing videos with Tim Gula sketching the figure.

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What Are The Fundamentals? Draftsmen S1E04

June 25, 20193 Comments

Stan and Marshall talk about the fundamentals all artists need to learn to become talented draftsmen. The basic elements of picture making. Stan and Marshall show off their favorite art books. A caller wants to know how he can improve drawing from imagination and Stan’s “thang” is finally something that isn’t from his Amazon Wishlist! Huzzah!!!

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Boosting Your Art Skills with Sculpture – Zoe Dufour Interview

June 21, 20190 Comments

New York sculptor Zoe Dufour talks about her artistic journey, how figure-sculpting improved her drawing, the differences and similarities between the two mediums, and more. If you enjoyed this interview and seeing Zoe’s sculptures be sure to check out her new Masterpiece Demo. My team and I spent 4 days capturing her process from start to finish on prepping, sculpting, and creating a cast of her finished piece.

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Our Biggest Art Mistakes – Draftsmen S1E03

June 18, 20192 Comments

In this episode of the Draftsmen podcast Marshall and Stan talk about the biggest art and career mistakes they’ve made. Stan accidentally draws a fetus. Marshall attempts to insult Stan. The caller of the week asks about the best drawing and painting apps for iPad.

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How I Got 400 Skulls in My Closet

June 14, 20190 Comments

It’s been 5 years in the making… I’ve finally finished printing and refining the Proko Anatomical Skull! In this video I’lI explain why it’s important to study the skull and provide you with a little behind the scenes info on the manufacturing process. Get your own skull to practice drawing from.

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Boosting Productivity and Advice for Young Artists – Draftsmen S1E02

June 11, 20191 Comment

Stan gets a message on Instagram from a lazy artist. Stan and Marshall talk about the importance of focus, discipline, productivity, pushing past distractions, importance of environment, and mindful eating. Should you listen to music while you work? A young caller wants to know how get noticed as an artist.

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Fear of Critiques and Attempting Photorealism – Draftsmen S1E01

June 4, 20197 Comments

Stan and Marshall discuss fearing critique but growing from it, finding a good balance with feedback, and what they think about photorealism. Marshall is teaching a workshop and Stan loves his shoes.

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