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Artist, teacher, and web developer.

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Constructing Forms Not Tracing Shapes – Hamstring Critiques

November 21, 20190 Comments

While critiquing students’ hamstring assignments, I saw a lot of people tracing flat shapes onto the body instead of constructing the forms. This is a very common problem, but a big one! For this hamstrings critique, I take a look at an artist who submitted their tracing assignment from the facebook group. I give out tips on how to draw them to be more dynamic why you should rely less on your eyes and more on your knowledge to construct the forms.

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Do You Need an Art Mentor? – Asking Pros

November 20, 20190 Comments

We asked the pros at Comic Con about their art mentors and how those mentors were able to help them succeed. Includes advice on how to find a good art mentor.

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Having a Secret Identity as an Artist – Draftsmen S1E25

November 19, 20190 Comments

An anonymous artist wants to know if it’s possible to draw “spicy” artwork and hold a job as an illustrator for kids books at the same time. This results in a discussion on keeping secret identities and giving examples of artists who made their living doing polar opposite work. Marshall and Stan try to give advice to a frustrated faculty member about their art program and someone’s thang promotes another intriguing podcast.

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Eat it Amazon – We Have a Marshall

November 15, 20190 Comments

Our best sponsor yet! Now through December 2nd you can use the coupon code: BLACK20 to get some sweet savings that beat anything you can buy at Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Save 20% on all the digital stuff in the Proko store!

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Biggest Artistic Style Influencers – Asking Pros

November 14, 20190 Comments

The pros at Comic Con reveal the artists that have inspired and influenced their work. You’ll hear some familiar names, but we discovered a bunch more amazing artists that we had never heard of! This episode is filled with great art and great advice so check it out!

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What Artists Should Know About Conventions – DraftsmenS1E24

November 12, 20190 Comments

After getting back from the very first Lightbox Convention in LA, both Draftsmen give their thoughts on the value of these conventions for artists. Includes advice on networking, etiquette, note taking, selling work, and portfolios. We elaborate on a caller’s question about drawing from imagination and why you can’t start out drawing like Kim Jung Gi.

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Getting Your First Art Job – Asking Pros

November 7, 20190 Comments

It’s one thing to have art be your hobby, but it’s another to make it a full-time gig. These 20 artists who work in the entertainment industry reveal how they jump started their careers. Hopefully you can use these inspiring stories as a way to carve your own path.

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Advice for Artists with Kids – Draftsmen S1E23

November 4, 20192 Comments

How can you be a good parent and a successful artist? Is it even possible? We try to find answers to those questions and the ways you can incorporate art into your life while raising a child. We go through 3 voicemail questions including our opinion on painting before learning how to draw. Is Stan a mutant child of Chernobyl?

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Rag Painting with Scott Flanders

October 31, 20190 Comments

Our Swamp Thing series comes to an end with an oil painting! Scott takes you on an exploratory art journey, trying to figure out his marks on the spot as he discovers the murky creature using a brush and sock. You’ll hear his struggles and see the painting go through many iterations as he narrates his thought process behind the painting.

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Delegation, Staying Organized & Line Quality – Draftsmen S1E22

October 29, 20190 Comments

Marshall goes full on Walter Cronkite and does some investigative journalism, asking all about the inner workings of Proko. The system we use to prioritize tasks and stay organized, the importance of delegation – Walt Disney built an empire by being a diligent delegator. Stan describes the exercise that improved his line quality while he was a student at Watts Atelier!

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