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Anatomy Critiques – The Spine

July 14, 20151 Comment
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In this lesson we review and critique your assignments on the spine.

Make sure to watch the lesson and do the assignments:

Anatomy of the Spine
How to Draw the Spine
Deliberate Practice – The Secret of Getting Good Fast

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  1. mubashar hasan says:

    proko .you are amazing .i have been striving for human anatomy tutorials,but your tutorials are the best described video.God bless you.and one request if its possible.i am art teacher in pakistan,university of gujrat.and i could not afford your premium some videos like anatomy by andrew loomis could not be access.what is the possibility to access that specified video under premium edition.if you could not ,i have no regret because you have already be done alot for uss.thank you
    mubahsar hasan.

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