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Hey, @taz! Hope I’m not too late to catch up with your post and share some thoughts. I like your sketch and the idea - western American saloons seem like a fun theme to explore. Since you’re looking for feedback specifically on perspective, here’s what I notice: your painting is actually in 2-point perspective (not in 1-point). And not only that, the buildings are unaligned, which means each of them has their own pair of VPs (vanishing points) - a total of 4 VPs overall in the whole picture. That's not a bad thing, it's actually a more complex situation than a 1-point view. But there are a few misplacements of the angled lines, yes. So, on the first image I’m attaching, I did a drawing over your artwork with a diagram of the perspective and how the angles should look in order for the lines to meet where the VPs are. In this first draw-over, I tried to change things minimally in order to keep as much as possible of what you seemed to have originally in terms of perspective - I just attempted to correct the angles based on the location of the VPs. And notice, by the lines in green, that the front plane of the buildings are indeed on different depth levels - it’s like the “Goodsprings General Store” building is a bit farther behind. I also did a couple other versions showing more possibilities. If you really wanted this to be a 1-point perspective (and, along with that, have the buildings aligned at the same depth plane, like they’re across the street from one another), it would be key to do three things: one, draw their front planes under the same alignment; two, make all converging lines vanish to the same point in the center of the frame; and three, keep all the horizontal edges of the buildings really horizontal, parallel to the horizon line (in other words, they wouldn’t go to a vanishing point at all). This is what I did in the draw-over “2a” (second image, on the left). However, such a strict 1-point perspective doesn’t always feel visually natural. The thing is: if we’re able to see two different planes of the “box”, it’s already technically a 2-point - it’s just that, sometimes, with one of the vanishing points so centered in the view, the other points would get so far away off the page that it may be okay to just ignore them and draw all the horizontals as parallel lines to simplify things. But if we ever feel it looks strange and need things to look just a little bit more natural without having to do all the vanishing-point-tracking work, we can do a little cheat (a.k.a. "optical adjustment") and make the so-called parallel lines angle just a bit towards the horizon. Often times, there’s no need to be very rigid about tracking the vanishing points in this case, just a little bit of inclination is enough to convince our eyes that these lines would eventually meet somewhere, which makes the perspective feel more realistic. This “optical adjustment” is what I did in draw-over “2b” (second image, on the right). That’s it! Hope it helps. In written words, it might sound like too much complexity, but, hopefully, the drawings will make it clearer to understand. Please let me know in case yo have any questions or would like to discuss anything further. If you need material to study perspective from, here’s a few that I like and recommend: . CtrlPaint’s “Perspective Sketching 1” course - https://ctrlpaint.myshopify.com/collections/foundation-skills/products/perspective-sketching-1-the-basics . Marshall Vandruff’s "1994 Perspective series" - https://marshallart.com/SHOP/all-products/all-videos/1994-perspective-drawing-series/ . “Perspective made easy”, book by Ernest Norling; . “Perspective without pain”, book by Phil Metzger; . "Stress-free perspective sketching" course by Sheldon Borenstein at New Masters Academy - https://www.nma.art/v3/course-catalog/courses/677610/ Good studies, best regards!
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