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Playing with Head Shapes – Thumbnail Sketch Critique

January 16, 20170 Comments

In this lesson, Court critiques a student’s thumbnail sketch of Drake. He talks about the importance of exploring various head shape before the features and sketches some examples.

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How to Draw Arms Back View – Triceps Anatomy for Artists

January 12, 20170 Comments

Have you ever looked at the back of the arm… and just thought, “What the hell, man?”
The triceps muscle is a monster. It’s all one muscle, but there’s 4 distinct parts to it, and you need to know them all. Once you learn the pattern of the three heads and the cool tendon, they’re easy and fun to play with.

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Tracy Morgan Caricature Drawing Materials Lesson

Overcome Artist’s Block by Experimenting with Materials

January 5, 20171 Comment

In this example video of Tracey Morgan, I use a variety of different media to achieve different results to overcome artist’s block with experimentation.

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Caricature of Taylor Swift – Thumbnail Sketch Example

January 5, 20170 Comments

Having trouble drawing caricatures? “Shake it off” and watch me draw some thumbnail caricature sketches.

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I Draw ROSSDRAWS – Caricature Collab

December 23, 20160 Comments

Watch me go from thumbnail sketch to finished piece in my collab video with RossDraws.

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How to Paint a Dog Portrait – Helping Animal Shelters

December 22, 20160 Comments

I painted a portrait of an overlooked dog at the shelter as an incentive for people to adopt it. The new parents get to keep the painting.

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Taylor Swift Caricature Narrated Drawing Lesson

Caricature Thumbnail Sketch of Taylor Swift – Narrated

December 16, 20160 Comments

In this demo, I’ll take you through this process of creating quicksketch thumbnails of Taylor Swift. I describe what features I look for when exaggerating and give suggestions on how you might do a quicksketch of a celebrity.

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Drawing Caricatures – The Thumbnail Sketch

December 16, 20160 Comments

In this lesson, we’re going to start putting the principles of exaggeration into use and learn some different ways you can figure out the caricature techniques that work best for you.

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Court Jones Q&A Extravaganza! – Proko Live

December 14, 20160 Comments

Watch Court draw some quick sketch caricatures out of Skelly, a pug, Santa and yours truly. Court also answers a bunch of questions.

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*Awkward* Drawings with a Mouse and Q&A

December 13, 20160 Comments

Live stream answering your questions and trying to draw with a mouse… I think USSR propoganda Winnie the Pooh was my favorite. Enjoy.

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