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How to Draw PEWDIEPIE!!!

May 25, 20170 Comments

PewDiePie needs our help to get more subscribers. So, we’re doing him a favor by featuring him in this new video.

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How to Draw HANDS – Details for Realistic Hands!

May 19, 20170 Comments

In this lesson you’ll learn about how fingernails can define perspective, how skin folds can create realism and enhance the gesture, and how the fat pads can react to a hand’s movements.

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Drawing Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones – Start to Finish

May 18, 20170 Comments

Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister is a perfect subject for a caricature! Watch as I take you through the 4 steps for finishing a caricature.

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Caricature Essentials From Start to Finish

May 12, 20170 Comments

Benedict Cumberbatch gets caricatured by Court as he reviews the steps for finishing a caricature!

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Designing Your Drawings to Look COOL – Final Sketch Caricature Critique

May 4, 20170 Comments

Court critiques a student’s final sketch of Tommy Lee Jones and explains how he designs eyes to get a finished look and get the “cool factor”.

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Color Study – Sunset Plein Air

April 27, 20175 Comments

My process for practicing color when painting landscapes outdoors.

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How to Draw a Fist – Hand Drawing Example

April 21, 20170 Comments

In this video I demonstrate how to draw a hand in a fist. This is an example for the lesson on Hand Muscles.

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Cartooning a Heavyset Body – John Goodman Caricature

April 20, 20170 Comments

In this lesson, I use John Goodman as an example to show how to draw heavy set body types in your caricatures.

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How to Draw Hands – Muscle Anatomy of the Hand

April 14, 20170 Comments

There’s three large muscle groups in the hand that every artist should know. Knowing the anatomy of the hand will make it much easier to draw hands from any angle and any pose.

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Cartooning the Body – How to Caricature the Figure

April 13, 20172 Comments

In this lesson, I will explain my process for cartooning the figure and show you a few examples of how I approach different body types.

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