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Growing as an Artist – Steve Huston Interview

March 24, 20173 Comments

In his interview, Steve Huston talks about how to grow as an artist, how to develop a unique style, how to find what calls to you, and much more.

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Drawing and Shading Gene Wilder – Caricature

March 21, 20170 Comments

In this demo, I talk about my thought process as I progress through each stage of caricaturing Gene Wilder.

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Drawing Cross Contour and Anatomy – Biceps Critique

March 17, 20170 Comments

Using cross contour lines to show the form of a muscle is a great way to study anatomy. But many newer students draw arbitrary curves without understanding the form they’re representing. I’ll use this biceps critique to show you my approach to solving cross contour.

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Drawing Whoopi Goldberg – Caricature Final Sketch Example

March 16, 20170 Comments

For this drawing, Court used the good ol’ conte charcoal pencil. He talks about the benefits of using charcoal to finish his final sketch and give additional insights on the final sketch process.

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Drawing Dynamic Anatomy – Deltoid Critique

March 10, 20170 Comments

When we study anatomy, we’re focused so much on structure, we tend to forget about gesture. I’ll show you how to hit that balance and draw dynamic anatomy in this critique.

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The Final Sketch – How to Finish Your Caricature Drawing

March 9, 20173 Comments

Court explains his process for completing a caricature sketch using his abstraction of Christopher Walken.

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Shading the Forearms - Detailed Drawing Demo

Shading Forearm Details

March 6, 20170 Comments

In the last few lessons, we learned about the extensors, flexors and ridge muscles of the forearm. In this premium only video, you will be able to see how I use my knowledge of anatomy to render and shade the forearm.

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Drawing the Forearms

Drawing Forearms – Anatomy of the Ridge Muscles

March 3, 20170 Comments

In this premium lesson I go into detail about the anatomy of the ridge muscles. You’ll also learn more on how to draw their forms.

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Distortion vs Exaggeration – Rough Sketch Critique

March 3, 20170 Comments

Court critiques a student rough sketch of Howard Wolowitz from the Big Bang Theory and talks about capturing a likeness when drawing a caricature.

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Frank Reilly, Glenn Orbik, Fred Fixler

Detailed Look at the Reilly Method

February 23, 20170 Comments

This lesson goes in-depth into how the abstraction works, why it works, and the history behind it.

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