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How to Draw Deltoids – Anatomy for Artists

October 27, 20163 Comments

The deltoid is the shoulder muscle on your upper arm. Learn about its three heads and how to draw it in this anatomy lesson!

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Naked Frankenstein – Halloween Drawing with Jazza

October 24, 20161 Comment

Grab some candy corn and treat yourself to a special 2-part Halloween art vlog! This year I’m drawing a Frakenstein’s Monster and The Bride of Frankenstein. Features Jazza from Draw with Jazza.

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How to Draw Hands – Bone Assignment Example

October 6, 20163 Comments

This drawing demonstration shows how to draw the carpals , metacarpals, and phalanges.

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Drawing Hands with Dynamic Poses

How to Draw Dynamic Hand Bones

September 30, 20160 Comments

In this premium episode I show you how to draw dynamic hand bones. Hands are mostly bone. There’s some muscles, skin, and nails, but the bones are the structure of the hand and if you can draw dynamic hand bones, you’re 90% there.

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How to Draw Hand Bones – Anatomy for Artists

September 29, 20166 Comments

This handy-dandy art anatomy lesson explains the carpals, metacarpals, and phalanx bones of the hand. Get started now and learn how to draw the hands!

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Sketching People with Stephen Silver

September 19, 20164 Comments

Had a lot of fun meeting up with Stephen Silver and watching him draw cartoon characters. If you’re interested in character design I recommend watching this vlog.

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Arm Bones Drawing – Tracing Demo

September 8, 20160 Comments

This drawing demonstration shows how to draw the radius, ulna, and humerus. Use it to check your own work.

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Best of Skelly

September 7, 20162 Comments

Watch Skelly do some funny, stupid, and weird stuff in our “Best of Skelly” video to celebrate us crossing the 500k youtube subscriber mark.

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How to Draw Arm Bones – Anatomy for Artists

September 1, 20162 Comments

Do you know what croquet and arm anatomy have in common? Be intrigued, entertained, and enlightened with this “armazing” anatomy lesson!

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Anatomy Drawing Critiques – The Neck

August 19, 20160 Comments

Improve your next neck drawing with this critique session. Find out how other students did with the neck muscles assignments and learn from their mistakes.

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