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Drawing Supplies I Use for Longer Drawings

January 22, 201422 Comments

In my last supplies video I went over supplies I use in my videos. Now let’s go over the ones I use for longer drawings intended to be hung at a gallery or someone’s home.

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How to Hold and Control Your Pencil

January 14, 201439 Comments

Being able to successfully manipulate your pencil is an important part of line drawing and shading. You’ll learn about the “Tripod Grip”, “Overhand Grip”, using your wrist vs. your shoulder, and how to use various parts of the pencil to control line weight.

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How to Paint Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Digital Painting Timelapse

December 24, 20139 Comments

Happy Holidays! I decided to do a digital painting of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to celebrate xmas and try out my new Wacom Cintiq 24HD.

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Drawing Yoni Linear Layin Basic Shapes

Drawing Yoni – Linear Layin – Basic Shapes

December 16, 20130 Comments

In this 17 minute video I use plumb lines, triangulation, negative shapes, measuring relationships, head units, shapes and angles to layin a Figure Drawing of Yoni.

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How to Practice and Check your Measuring

How to Practice and Check Your Measuring

December 16, 20133 Comments

Being able to see accurate shape is one of the most useful skills of an artist. To train your eyes you have to practice a lot. But you also need to practicing correctly. For that you have to have a feedback loop. A way of checking your drawings for mistakes.

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Drawing Measuring Techniques

December 16, 20137 Comments

When drawing from a model or photo reference we are given the opportunity to measure. In this video I go over several techniques that will help you measure more accurately.

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Human Figure Proportions – Cranial Units – Robert Beverly Hale

November 21, 20130 Comments

Robert Beverly Hale used the size of the cranium as the unit for measuring human proportions instead of the height of the head. This method is preferred by many artists because it aligns with skeletal landmarks and it is more reliable when actually drawing a figure in a pose.

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Human Figure Proportions – Average Figures – Dr. Paul Richer

November 18, 20130 Comments

Dr. Paul Richer’s “Artistic Anatomy” presents a scientific system for an average European male as measured by Anthropologists. He uses the height of the head as 1 unit and says that the average person is 7.5 heads tall. In this video we explore his method of measuring proportions of the human body.

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Human Figure Proportions - Idealistic - Andrew Loomis

Human Figure Proportions – Idealistic Figures – Andrew Loomis

November 18, 20131 Comment

Throughout history artists have depicted the human form not as the average, but as the ideal. We find beauty and grace in length. So, in artwork, it’s more common for figures to be 8 or more heads tall rather than 7.5. Let’s take a looks at Loomis’ Ideal Proportions.

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Unbalanced – Animated Short Silent Film

October 31, 20136 Comments

Stan and Skelly play a game of Jenga… An animated short silent film from my lesson on Balance.

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