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How to Do an Anatomy Tracing

December 3, 201412 Comments

Assignment: Anatomy Tracings

anatomy tracing assignment

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  1. Liandro Roger says:

    Can’t we download the video on the Premium section? 🙁

  2. Cindy de Andrade Avelino says:

    Hey Stan Prokopenko, great videos! I’m doing the exercises right now and I can’t download the example 3 from how to do an anatomy tracing, I think it’s not working, the others downloads links are ok.
    Those lessons are helping a lot as well, thank you!

  3. Stephen says:

    Hi Stan,

    I’m currently doing the tracing exercise and was wndering how t submit these for review as a premium member.


  4. Kathleen Barry says:

    Hi Stan, I am all set up to do the first tracing assignment but I cannot download any of the files. I’ve tried Windows Photo View which seems to be default, changed that to Quicktime, and tried My Pictures. Please let me know what to do. Or if any of you on this program have suggestion of how to open the files I’d appreciate it. I’m working in Windows 8.1 on an HP computer.
    Thanks, Kathleen

  5. Dave Goodman says:

    This question isn’t about anatomy… I was just wondering if the brushes you use are stock or if you made it using your own magic?

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