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Drawing from Imagination – Tips on Improving Visual Memory

February 21, 20172 Comments

So many of you have been asking for help on drawing from your imagination. In this live demo, I’ll give you tips on creativity and show you drawing games you can play to improve your visual memory.

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How to Draw a Hand Turkey – Thanksgiving Sketch

November 23, 20164 Comments

It’s Thanksgiving time! Celebrate by learning how to draw hand turkey! Grab your pencil, paper and 5 fingers and let’s get started!

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Best of Skelly

September 7, 20162 Comments

Watch Skelly do some funny, stupid, and weird stuff in our “Best of Skelly” video to celebrate us crossing the 500k youtube subscriber mark.

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Models in Motion – Video Reference for Artists

August 10, 20160 Comments

New “Models in Motion” video sets are here! They’re great for studying the forms, body articulation and anatomy.

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How to Draw Genitals

April 1, 201613 Comments

I’ve had a lot of requests to do a tutorial on drawing genitals. Like, FOUR people have asked! As far as I’m concerned, that’s four too many. But you know me… I like to keep my viewers happy. So I’ve made a drawing lesson that covers all you need to know when drawing the genitals. I hope you enjoy!

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Drawing the Walking Dead – Zombie Halloween Special

October 26, 201512 Comments

Halloween is here, so… Zombies. Learn how to draw the walking dead with this scary art tutorial.

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How to Paint Happy Trees – Bob Ross Parody

April 1, 201534 Comments

Hey Ya’ll, I’ve got a very special video lesson for you today. If you’re feelin’ bad boy blue and you’ve got the yellow fever, I’ve got something for ya that’s as tender as a mother’s love and it’ll make ya feel as free as a cloud… That’ll be our little secret.

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Announcement – Anatomy Course and Live Q&A Hangout

November 17, 20147 Comments

Hey guys, feels really good to be back. My hand is feeling better, I got married, and I have 2 quick announcements. First, I’ve started the Anatomy Course Pre-sale. If you know you’re going to go premium with it, you can get it now at a discount. As you probably guessed, if there’s a pre-sale, […]

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How to Add Anatomy to Your Figures

April 1, 201422 Comments

Alright! Welcome to Proko my name is Stan Prokopenko. Last year I showed you guys everything I know about drawing the figure and now I’ll show you how to add anatomy to your figure drawings.

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How to Paint Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Digital Painting Timelapse

December 24, 201310 Comments

Happy Holidays! I decided to do a digital painting of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to celebrate xmas and try out my new Wacom Cintiq 24HD.

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