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Critiques / Q&A

Growing as an Artist – Steve Huston Interview

March 24, 20173 Comments

In his interview, Steve Huston talks about how to grow as an artist, how to develop a unique style, how to find what calls to you, and much more.

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Drawing Cross Contour and Anatomy – Biceps Critique

March 17, 20170 Comments

Using cross contour lines to show the form of a muscle is a great way to study anatomy. But many newer students draw arbitrary curves without understanding the form they’re representing. I’ll use this biceps critique to show you my approach to solving cross contour.

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Drawing Dynamic Anatomy – Deltoid Critique

March 10, 20170 Comments

When we study anatomy, we’re focused so much on structure, we tend to forget about gesture. I’ll show you how to hit that balance and draw dynamic anatomy in this critique.

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Distortion vs Exaggeration – Rough Sketch Critique

March 3, 20170 Comments

Court critiques a student rough sketch of Howard Wolowitz from the Big Bang Theory and talks about capturing a likeness when drawing a caricature.

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Drawing from Imagination – Tips on Improving Visual Memory

February 21, 20172 Comments

So many of you have been asking for help on drawing from your imagination. In this live demo, I’ll give you tips on creativity and show you drawing games you can play to improve your visual memory.

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Ladies Night Livestream – Drawing Caricatures of Women

February 14, 20170 Comments

Happy Valentines Day to all the ladies out there. As promised, here’s a replay of Court Jones’ livestream from the 12 Days of Proko. He draws caricatures of women and answer your questions. The livestream includes drawings of Daisy Ridley, Gal Gadot, Beyonce, Rihanna, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Get some popcorn and enjoy da ladies 🙂

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Court Jones Q&A Extravaganza! – Proko Live

December 14, 20160 Comments

Watch Court draw some quick sketch caricatures out of Skelly, a pug, Santa and yours truly. Court also answers a bunch of questions.

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*Awkward* Drawings with a Mouse and Q&A

December 13, 20160 Comments

Live stream answering your questions and trying to draw with a mouse… I think USSR propoganda Winnie the Pooh was my favorite. Enjoy.

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Landmarks: Key to Successful Anatomy Drawings – Arm Bone Critique

November 10, 20162 Comments

In this video I’m going to focus on the importance of landmarks when drawing anatomy. Bones that we can see on the surface through the skin give us valuable clues to the rest of the anatomy. Let’s get started!

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Anatomy Drawing Critiques – The Neck

August 19, 20160 Comments

Improve your next neck drawing with this critique session. Find out how other students did with the neck muscles assignments and learn from their mistakes.

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