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Sneak Peak at Caricature PART II – Discounts!

June 13, 20170 Comments

Here’s a little sneak peak of the second part of the caricature course! Enjoy!

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Drawing Stan Lee from MARVEL Comics!!! – Body Sketch Critique

June 1, 20170 Comments

Court reviews a student sketch of Stan Lee from the Caricature Group and gives tips on improving and exaggerating the body.

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How to Draw PEWDIEPIE!!!

May 25, 20170 Comments

PewDiePie needs our help to get more subscribers. So, we’re doing him a favor by featuring him in this new video.

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Drawing Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones – Start to Finish

May 18, 20170 Comments

Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister is a perfect subject for a caricature! Watch as I take you through the 4 steps for finishing a caricature.

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Caricature Essentials From Start to Finish

May 12, 20170 Comments

Benedict Cumberbatch gets caricatured by Court as he reviews the steps for finishing a caricature!

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Designing Your Drawings to Look COOL – Final Sketch Caricature Critique

May 4, 20170 Comments

Court critiques a student’s final sketch of Tommy Lee Jones and explains how he designs eyes to get a finished look and get the “cool factor”.

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Stan Prokopenko, George Lucas, Betty Grable Caricature

Narrated Body Sketches – Caricature Examples

April 20, 20170 Comments

Get access to premium narrated demos on how to caricature children, voluptuous women, doughy middle-aged men, muscular men, skinny people, elderly people, and Prokopenko people!

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Cartooning a Heavyset Body – John Goodman Caricature

April 20, 20170 Comments

In this lesson, I use John Goodman as an example to show how to draw heavy set body types in your caricatures.

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Cartooning the Body – How to Caricature the Figure

April 13, 20172 Comments

In this lesson, I will explain my process for cartooning the figure and show you a few examples of how I approach different body types.

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Emma Watson Caricature – Abstraction Critique

April 6, 20170 Comments

Court critiques a student abstraction of Emma Watson and talks about using the Reilly Method while drawing a caricature.

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