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Frank Reilly, Glenn Orbik, Fred Fixler

Detailed Look at the Reilly Method

February 23, 20170 Comments

This lesson goes in-depth into how the abstraction works, why it works, and the history behind it.

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Mark Wahlberg Caricature, Emma Stone Caricature, and Amy Adams Caricature drawings

Narrated Abstraction Sketches – Caricature Examples

February 16, 20170 Comments

If you want more insights into the Reilly Abstraction method, I cover my sketching process for Mark Wahlberg, Emma Stone, Amy Adams and more in the premium course.

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Using the Reilly Method for Bill Nye Caricature

February 16, 20170 Comments

Bill Nye the Science Guy!!! This narrated demo shows you how to apply the Reilly abstraction to a caricature.

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The Abstraction – Reilly Method for Caricature Drawing

February 10, 20170 Comments

In this lesson I’ll teach you the Reilly abstraction of the head and how to apply it to caricature.

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Drawing Harrison Ford – Caricature Sketch Example

February 7, 20170 Comments

Court Jones takes you through his process for drawing a caricature sketch of Harrison Ford.

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Mark Wahlberg Caricature, Taylor Swift Caricature, and Christopher Walken Caricature drawings

Narrated Rough Thumbnail Sketches – Caricature Examples

January 26, 20170 Comments

If you want more insights into drawing rough sketches I cover my sketching process for Christopher Walken, Taylor Swift, Mark Wahlberg and Drew Barrymore in the premium course.

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Caricature of Drew Barrymore – Rough Sketch Example

January 26, 20170 Comments

For my rough sketch of Drew Barrymore, I will trace on thin vellum over an enlarged copy of my previous thumbnail sketch. My goal is to refine the likeness.

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The Rough Sketch – Caricature Drawing

January 19, 20170 Comments

I refine my caricature drawing of Putin and teach you how to refine likeness with a rough sketch.

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Playing with Head Shapes – Thumbnail Sketch Critique

January 16, 20170 Comments

In this lesson, Court critiques a student’s thumbnail sketch of Drake. He talks about the importance of exploring various head shape before the features and sketches some examples.

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Tracy Morgan Caricature Drawing Materials Lesson

Overcome Artist’s Block by Experimenting with Materials

January 5, 20171 Comment

In this example video of Tracey Morgan, I use a variety of different media to achieve different results to overcome artist’s block with experimentation.

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