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Artist, teacher, and web developer.

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Finger Drawing Mistakes You’re Making – Hand Critiques

October 27, 20170 Comments

We’re back for Part 2 of the Hand Critiques. This time I want to help you improve the way you’re drawing fingers. I’ll go over a few things that will help you make your fingers more expressive, dynamic and 3D. I’ll show you how to avoid 2 common mistakes – snowman and sausage fingers.

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Perspective Tricks that Work! Spheres & Pumpkins 🎃

October 26, 20171 Comment

Perspective is quite scary… If you do it wrong, your work can look childish! There’s just so much that goes into perspective and it would take an entire course to cover it all 😉 **hint hint*** While you wait for Marshall’s course, here are some tricks for drawing spheres and pumpkins in perspective.

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What Everyone Gets Wrong Drawing Hands – Hand Critiques

October 19, 20170 Comments

Going through all your hand assignments, I noticed most of them have one main issue. They lack structure. Constructing the hand from basic forms and following the primary – secondary – tertiary hierarchy resolves many other issues. It helps to draw the hand accurately from imagination, attach the fingers correctly to the palm, keep things in perspective, and even helps to shade. I’ll also show you how a focus on structure doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice gesture.

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3 Tips for Better Anatomy Shading – Forearm Critiques

August 31, 20170 Comments

In this critique video I’ll give you 3 tips that can easily improve your shading. I noticed a lot of students are attempting to shade their anatomy studies, but are making some similar mistakes

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How to Draw Cartoon Hands (Comic, Cartoon, and Mickey Mouse)

July 18, 20172 Comments

In this video, I’ll show you how to draw 3 styles of cartoon hands. I’ll go over the classic Mickey Mouse glove, general cartoon hands, and comic book hands.

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Foreshortened Hands Premium Lesson

How to Draw Foreshortened Hands

July 7, 20170 Comments

Learn how to draw foreshortened hands in this premium lesson from the anatomy drawing course.

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Female Hands Premium Lesson

How to Draw Female Hands

July 7, 20170 Comments

Learn how to draw female hands in this premium lesson from the anatomy drawing course.

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Hands Holding Stuff N' Things Premium Lesson

Hands Holding Stuff N’ Things

July 3, 20170 Comments

Learn how to draw hands holding something in this premium lesson from the anatomy drawing course.

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Painting Trees N’ Stuff – En Plein Air

June 29, 20171 Comment

My new Vlog is all about painting trees n’ stuff 🌴

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Drawing a Perfect Fist – HANDS in Action!!!

June 23, 20172 Comments

This demo will teach you how to draw a FIST! If you’ve tried to draw one, you’ve probably found it to be tricky. It really requires a good understanding of the underlying anatomy.

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